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The First Complete Kitchen Cabinet Glossary

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  • Pantry
    A type of tall cabinet used for maximum versatility for storage. Pantries can feature roll-out trays or adjustable shelvest.
  • Partial Overlay
    When the cabinet door covers most of the face frame but leaves more than a ¼ inch of reveal.
  • Particle Board
    A type of high-density engineered wood that is made of wood particles that are larger than those used for MDF. It is inexpensive, but also subject to splitting, sagging and discoloration over time and swells when exposed to moisture.
  • Peninsula
    An extension from an existing counter or a wall. Peninsulas only have three exposed sides and do not require as much space for clearance as islands do.
  • Pie Cut Shelves
    Round spinning trays that contain a cut out for easy turning. They are called pie cut because the cut out piece is similar to a pie slice. They are used in lazy Susans.
  • Pilaster
    Pilasters are decorative and rectangular columns that are used to support bar or countertop extensions.
  • Pin Hinge
    A type of hinge that pivots on one point.
  • Pine
    A straight grain wood that often gives cabinetry a rough look. Some types of pine are more durable than others, so be sure to ask which one is used when picking cabinets.
  • Pivot Hinge
    A concealed pin hinge for inset doors.
  • Plate Rack
    An open wall cabinet, usually 30 or 36 inches wide. It contains a rack that is used to hold decorative plates.
  • Plinch Block
    A decorative square piece used to accent a kitchen. It can be plain or have designs such as rosettes.
  • Plywood
    Layered cross grain wood that is resistant to swelling and sagging that can be caused by humidity, climate change and water damage. It is the most durable material available for cabinets.
  • Poplar
    A white wood with yellow undertones that is widely known for its flexibility and is commonly used for kitchen cabinets and plywood.
  • Prairie
    Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, this style indicates the use of surrounding natural objects to construct a design. For example a house in the woods would have a design using mainly wood materials. It is also known as arts and crafts.
  • Pressboard
    See Particle Board.
  • Presswood
    See Particle Board.
  • Primer Coat
    Any coat prior to the finish.
  • Pull-Out Shelves
    These shelves are commonly used in pantries and kitchen base cabinets that pull-out so that stored items can be properly seen and put back. Pull-out shelves aide people to reach stored items in the backs of cabinets and prevent the need to bend down or crawl.
  • Pulls
    See Knobs.
  • Putty
    A thicker type of wood filler that is made of plastic similar to dough or clay. It is used for repairs and to fill small holes such as nail holes. Putty may be purchased in a variety of colors and can be mixed together to match the wood.