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Huy Q. Phun (San Diego, CA)

About my experience:

We were looking at renovating the kitchen in our first home. After looking at numerous places including Home Depot and Lowes, we came across these ready to assemble cabinets. Unsure of the quality of cabinets, we were hesitant in buying these cabinets. Fortunately, we were close enough to the showroom of Kichen Pro Cabinetry in Northridge that we were able to visit and assess the quality of the cabinets. We can assure anyone that the cabinets we bought were much better quality in the wood and the hardware than those offered to us at the major stores. In addition, the prices were so much lower than those stores, that we were impelled to buy these cabinets. Johnny, our designer and customer representative was great in making sure we got everything we needed. We were even able to pick up the cabinets so we saved in shipping costs as well! We were able to renovate our kitchen well under budget and get everything we wanted in style and quality. 
Without Kitchenpro Cabinets, we would have had to settle for a kitchen with less quality in all areas in order to stay in budget.

Brenda B. Lewis (McMinnville, TN)

About my experience:

Everytime someone comes in to see the house, they just love the kitchen and ask "where did you get the cabinets"? They are surprised we put them together ourselves. Our realtor can't get over the change we had made in the house and she couldn't stop going on about the kitchen. She kept pointing out things she really liked about it. We wanted to make the bathrooms and kitchens special since they say those are the selling points of a house and I think we have accomplished that. I wanted a victorian look throughout the house and I was able to get that look with these cabinets. We're so glad we discovered your company. I estimated we saved around $2,000.00 on the cabinets. My son has bought his first house and I've already got his remodelled kitchen planned out whenever he's ready to start.

Jim Woods (Brentwood, TN)

About my experience:

I had shopped for cabinets all over at stores, suppliers and internet. Kitchenspro was hands down the best value for me and the most beautiful of the cabinets I found. That is why I chose them.
I think my kitchen is beautiful. I am a do it yourselfer. I am proud of how well it has turn out and so is everyone who sees it.

Dominic Castiglioni (San Diego, CA)

About my experience:

Was a complete renovation of an original 1970 galley style kitchen in a 1000 sf condominium. Included flooring, cabinetry, countertops, lighting, appliances and partial re-construction.
With the Kitchen Pro cabinets as the centerpiece, this renovation turned a worn, aged, bland and hapless kitchen into the focal point of my condo. It is now an attractive, stylish and functional space for friends and family to gather.

Barbara Zeller (Climax, NC)

About my experience:

my husband and i looked the world over and compared prices to the excact cabinets sold at many places. your prices were the most reasonable and the quality was really great with service that beat all other competiters.
my husband tore out all of out kitchen wanting to inprove what was bad look from the start. the difference from old to now is a 1000 percent improvement.
thank you kitchen pro.

Kelli MacDonald (New Windsor, NY)

About my experience:

We bought the house a year ago and tore out the ENTIRE kitchen the first week (including two walls separating the kitchen from the dining and living room). We ordered gorgeous cherry cabinets from Kitchens Pro and also put in an island with two cabinets and a beverage cooler inbetween. The kitchen is beautiful and has increased the value of our house tremendously!
The gorgeous cabinets look luxurious and high-end, yet didn't cost us an arm and a leg. My husband put together the ENTIRE kitchen himself: Laying the tile floor, assembling and installing the cabinets, and hooking up the island and beverage cooler. This kitchen is by far the most beautiful one we've seen in any house and was done ourselves!

David R. Heppner (Fairborn, OH)

About my experience:

Projcect was a remodel of kitchen with included moving the window, diswasher location and existing bulkhead. Kitchen Pro Rep (Vickie Salmen) was extremely professional and helpful. Cabinets were high quality and easy to construct and install. Overall the finished product turned out better than I could of imagined.
Previous kitchen was oak cabinets, ceiling bulkhead, laminate counterops and very outdated. The finished product was quoted at $30K and I completed for $10K.

Barry G. Brown (perryopolis, PA)

About my experience:

well it was one of the hardest projects i have completed in my home thus far i did alot of searching for cabinets and found yours to be the best deal for the money less a few problems that were solved it was a pretty smooth transaction
well simply put i am a perfectionist i leave no detail untouched and i think i did a pretty good job in combining all the appliances counter tops and accents to best suit the cabinets i had limited space to work with and used every inch all in all it came together great

Aaron Cohenour (Oklahoma City, OK)

About my experience:

I had bought an old (1918) house in Oklahoma city that was in very bad shape and didn't really have any kitchen to speak of.

I ended up having to tear out about half of the floor to the floor joists because of water damage and also tore out all the old lathe and plaster walls to the studs so that I could run new electrical and plumbing as well as insulation. I was wanting some good solid wood cabinets but since I'm a student, I didn't really have a lot of money to put into expensive cabinets.

When I was researching online, I found Kitchens Pro and decided that it looked like the best product for the money. I also consulted Kitchens Pro about the design because it is a relatively small space (about 10'x13') and I am very pleased with my final result. I put up new drywall/cement board, assembled and installed the cabinets, and decided to frame out and pour cement countertops because they gave me the thick look that I wanted for very cheap. I finished the project by tiling the floors and backsplash and adding a feaux finish to the walls. I also finished it off with some nice stainless steel appliances that I bought at a local dent and ding store for about half price. The cabinets look great and are a lot nicer than anything else I found for the money.

I think that My kitchen is very nice and very functional for the limited space that I had to work with. I got a rich look and with the help of Kitchens Pro was able to do the entire remodel myself and for a fraction of the cost of a higher end kitchen remodel.

 Looking at the final product, I can't believe that it once was non-livable. I spent $3200 on the cabinets, and it makes me love my kitchen even more knowing that the entire project cost $7300. I get nothing but compliments when people come into the kitchen and it is definitely a focal point of the house.

Colleen Conley (Pawtucket, RI)

About my experience:

Our project involved a gut kitchen rehab, actually moving the existing kitchen space to a new space created out of the old dining room and butler's pantry in a 1920's Cotswold Cottage style home. After investigating several brands of cabinets, and purchasing two cabinet door samples on ebay, I decided upon kitchens pro. Kitchens Pro offered the best quality at the best price. Even more important was the service I received. I worked with Tony Cortez to custom design a kitchen mimicking a high end kitchen remodel I had done in our old estate house 10 years ago. This time around, I wanted to create the same look for a fraction of the price. With Tony's help, I was even able to come up with a design to replicate the mantle above the range using available units of kitchens pro cabinetry. Together, we created a custom kitchen that exceeded all of my expectations! The cabinets are beautiful and of great quality. I complimented them with high end appliances such as stainless steel 48" Thermador range and a new Kitchen Aid dishwasher, honed black granite countertops, carrera marbl backsplash, nickel fixtures, and gorgeous rewired antique lighting, all bought online. I could not be happier with the results and will be submitting an article on my experience to the Providence Journal newspaper and decorating magazines. Thank you, Tony, and Kitchens Pro, for your exceptional customer service!
Having gone through the process of designing a high end kitchen 10 years ago in our previous home, I came to this project armed with a vast amount of knowledge about craftsmanship, customer service, and creating the right look for the specific home. The kitchen I created looks as if it could be found in a high end home, and matches the English aesthetic of our new house. By combining the wonderful vanilla glaze cabinets with seeded glass, a nickel faucet, cabinet knobs and pulls, high end stainless steel appliances, marble backsplash, honed black granite, and a nickel 1930's chandelier, the kitchen fits the character of the home perfectly. Best of all, I was able to do all of this at a fraction of the cost of my previous kitchen renovation, without sacrficing quality or appearance. With a little ingenuity, we even created custom pieces out of existing kitchenspro cabinetry. Everyone is shocked at the transformation and canot believe how beautiful the kitchen looks. Even children remark on how nice it is. It is absolutely my favorite room in the house. Despite the ailing economy, people still yearn for an inviting living space. With Kitchens Pro, I was able to create a comfortable, appealing kitchen to which we can escape and still feel pampered.