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Pam DeMarsico (Churchville, NY)

About my experience:

We started our full kitchen remodel in February 2008 and finished in August 2008! We did all the work ourselves which included many walls down, new ceiling, new window, flooring, plumbing and electrical. It was a long project but we have exactly what we wanted and we love our kitchen! We are very happy with the cabinets, they are pretty and very durable. we are very happy with the product.

Helen W Day (Center Ossipee, NH)

About my experience:

We had water damage in our old kitchen, so we had to tare out everything, our cabinets were built-in's, so we had to replace just about everything.I figured why not remodel while we were going to have to gut the kitchen anyway, I talked my husband into this, but we didn't have a large budget to work with. I spent hours, days and weeks on the internet, because the places around us wanted alot more for cabinets, and they were not the qualty of yours. I checked many sites and would come back to yours every time. You (Johnny Scott) were very helpful, walked me through the ordering, always very cordial and polite. The only thing was I was forever picking out the style I wanted, But finaly did, we love them. My husband and I put them together,(very easy) and the carpenter installed them.
Our kitchen is my dream kitchen and its because of Kitchen Pro, if I had to buy cabinets again I would buy from you. We bought cabinets in your budget line and was able to make them look very high-end, very few people come into my kitchen that don't ask where I got the cabinets. I come from a very large family and I'm in the kitchen all the time cooking, I love my kitchen.
I am thankful I found you on-line.

Mr. & Mis. Anthony Santoro (White Plains, NY)

About my experience:

Kitchen-pro Help us to built the kitchen of our dreams with a lot of patience from them we where available to create and design a kitchen that for us is the perfect one and under budget, from floor to ceiling but must of all our cabinets are the must beautiful ones that I can find with a great value and excellent look and price. I love my kitchen.
I think we are a great example for others who think that dreams can come true.

Christopher Eley (Columbus, OH)

About my experience:

Kitchen Pro were very helpful and accommodating. The cabinets look great and easily assembled. The money we saved in cabinets we were able to use on counter tops and other aspects of the kitchen. Thanks 

S. Sommerfield (Alexandria, VA)

About my experience:

The total cost of the cabinets and the installation was so much lower than the cost of other cabinets that we were able to upgrade on a number of areas and add a lot of *extras* such as pull-out trays, glass-front cabinets, fancier cabinets knobs and drawer pulls, upgraded backsplash tile, hardwood flooring, and so on, and still come out spending less than it would have cost buying other cabinets. 

Patrick Hartle (Polk City, FL)

About my experience:

We had a great expieriance with Kitchen Pro, and have reccommended Kitchen Pro to anyone who would listen. Our House was destroyed by a fire in April of 08. We now have a beautiful home that could not have been possible with out the incrediible cabinets at the amazing prices from Kitchen Pro.
We were able to build an amazing kitchen, with the design help, and incredible values from Kitchen Pro. We hope that our kitchen will inspire others to do it themselves.

Ann Grant (Carpinteria, CA)

About my experience:

This was my second attempt at cabinets. We ordered the first cabinets-they came and they were terrible. The company gave us a full refund. We found Kitchen Pro online. We called to visit the showroom because at that point we were so discouraged we werent sure if we wantedto continue. What a difference. My husband couldnt believe the quality of the cabinet and I loved my maple urban shaker style. Johnny was so helpful-taking us thru every step of the way. We called and ordered extras and always felt comfortable. We couldn't be happier with every aspect of our experience and everyone that sees our kitchen gets to hear all about Kitchen Pro. We saved over $5000.00 on our cabinets so I was able to get granite countertops.We couldn't have done it without you Kitchen Pro. Thanks

Yvonne Sherlock (Farmingville, NY)

About my experience:

After looking at the different home supply centers as well as custom cabinet manufacturers, and getting price quotes of $15,000 and above for quality wood cabinets, we decided to look online for cost effective alternatives when we came upon your site. Needless to say the quality and workmanship of the cabinets and trim accessories that you offer is impeccable, and superior to many of the cabinets we looked at from many different manufacturers. Now for only $4500 for the cabinets and a do it yourself attitude (as my boyfriend and I installed and renovated the total kitchen ourselves), we now have a beautiful kitchen remodel that is the envy of everyone that comes to visit, for a total remodel cost of thousands of dollars less than what we would of paid for just cabinets alone from other manufacturers. We are very pleased! Our experience with Kitchen Pro was very professional and has outstanding customer service. There was an issue with my original order and the owner called me directly to rectify the problem. My family and friends were truly amazed that I received all new upper cabinets to replace the ones that we had already assembled; (this was before we realized that they were the wrong height to accommodate our 7'6” ceiling.) Not only did they ship at no cost to me, I was able to keep the cabinets that were assembled. We are giving the upper cabinets to a family member to redo their kitchen and now they only have to buy the base cabinets. Again this company offers truly outstanding customer service, and I have giving the web site address to almost anyone who talks about redoing their kitchen. 

Michael Johnson (highlands ranch, CO)

About my experience:

An update to a large kitchen, which turned out way beyond our expectations!
I believe the chosen desig, along with the cabinet selection, as well as accessories, give this kitchen a high-end show quality product!

Joseph Calicchia, Jr. (Yorktown Heights, NY)

Purchased Rich Macchiato
About my experience:

I renovated my 1978 kitchen with the help of my wife & 3 children. It took 4 months. The cabinets I purchased were easy to put together and well made. Overall I was very pleased.
After building and installing each cabinet and taking 4 months, I can honestly say the kitchen is exactly what I wanted. A contracted professional could not have done a better job.