Kitchen Cabinets and Security of the Children

If you have kids at home, then your kitchen cabinets could turn to be fatal from fine-looking in whisker of a second.  Anything can happen, your kids can pull out the heavy drawer made of silverware which can topple down and fall on his head. Even they can open unsecured cabinet doors which may contain lethal chemicals or cleaners. But there are products specially designed to ensure the safety of your children and make kitchen cabinets secure.

Different type of locks for cabinet doors:

Descending Cabinet Door Locks

Varieties of cabinet door locking devices are available. The most accepted one is the uncomplicated synthetic U-shaped bar that descends and is cinched fixed between two doors. This can be used as a safety measure because it prevents your kids from getting inside. But this has a drawback. Children can easily put their hands inside even if the doors are locked and can cause harm to them self in the process. So, be careful while using this device and make sure that you have cinched it tightly to avoid accidents.

Y-Loop Locks

Descending cabinet door locks can be installed only if you have handles in your cabinets. If you have knobs then y-Loop Locks will be a perfect match. It is made up of synthetic and has two loops just like Y in shape. The mechanism to use y-loop locks are the same as the descending ones. They are put around the knobs and cinched fixed in the same way as the other cinching locks. They are mostly white in shade. And they are positioned outside the cabinets. However, one should be very careful because small knobs make it difficult for the locking system to stay in its place. And the child can easily remove it without much difficulty.

Inner Door Locks

Inner Door Locks are very trendy because it remains invisible and it is installed inside the cabinet doors next to the cabinet frame. It can easily be opened by a simple downward force. One should be careful dealing with these because if you are not careful then you can end up having pinched fingers. But it really gives a very clean image to the kitchen. So, people who don’t have to bother about children getting hurt can surely go for this.

Drawer Stops

Drawers stop are usually installed in all the drawers but it is always a good idea to strengthen the inbuilt drawers stop with supplementary high quality stops. It will ensure the safety of your children and stop them from pulling out the drawers. All your queries and doubts can be cleared by at expert either from a cabinet shop or hardware store.


The first two locks mentioned above are intended mainly for dual cabinet doors which have handles or knobs that are in front of each other. Inner cabinet doors are perfect for single cabinet doors. You should lock the cabinets in the base because it is more important in protecting children then the ones at the top floor. Chemicals and heavy things should be stored with care to prevent accidents. It’s better to spend some time in installation than spending hours in the hospitals.








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