Selecting the Right Paint to Match Your Kitchen Cabinets


Selecting the right paint that matches your reconstructed or existing kitchen cabinet with kitchen walls is necessary. While it may appear to you as an easy task, selecting the matching paint that traces your kitchen cabinet is naturally an unsurpassed way to discover the perfect color. Suppose you are trapped trying to decide what color to apply in your kitchen then you can go for the following tips given below.


Wood Cabinets

Usually wooden cabinets have warm subdued color. So go for the wall paint that matches the wooden cabinets; choose the colors that match the warm undertones.  If you desire to coat your kitchen white, then you can apply the shades which are noticeably warmer and will work better than others. If you are unable to determine the warm subdued color, then just inquire about the paint with your local interior decorators or with the paint center so that they can guide you with the color that matches. It is to be noted that natural timber colors look fine with a more earthy tone. For an instance, bright fuchsia suits the best in modern kitchens, but that won’t suit well in those dark cherry cabinets. Use bold and wild colored pieces all over the room, and opt for neutral colors for the walls as much as you can.

Sleek and Shiny

Metal cabinet gives a challenge that is only one of its kinds when it comes to selecting wall paint that matches them. They are likely to have cool subdued colors and a sparkly reflective quality. This makes it hard to pair the cabinets color with certain usual kitchen colors similar to yellow etc. For silver metal cabinets you can opt for cool deep red or dark grey. These colors surely will match with the silver metallic color, and will also offer a great colorful background for the cabinetry. For white metallic cabinets, any soothing color can go with the kitchen walls which would give a general look in some modern houses as well as in a cool yellow look. Please note that the metallic cabinet, as expected attracts attention towards them and might tone down its metallic effect if your color choice does not match.

 Painted Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinet has been previously painted, avocado green cabinetry is the only option you are left with, or you can go with the idea of painting a speckled cabinet. It does not matter how your cabinets will look like, the only thing is to work upon them a bit to find a wall color that matches and emphasize their prettiness or make them less visible. Try to choose those wall colors that has the same undertone having shades or is too dark than the cabinets color that you like. This will bring a visual pop to the cabinets at the same time creating the walls to emerge slightly and create a neutral and contemporary look. For those who are not satisfied with their frazzled kitchen cabinets, the last thing they can do is to paint and accent them. Or instead of trying to draw attention towards them, opt for painting the walls with bold and bright colors so that they draw the attention and give the cabinets a shrivel look. Undoubtedly, you can also opt to paint the cabinets in a color you like and select a wall paint of your choice that would give a good look.

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