Cabinet Pulls and Knobs: Employing Creative Materials for Tailor-made Hardware

If you are thinking to modernize your kitchen cabinet accessories, you can try changing your mind from usual pulls and knobs to something different. The latest fury in green and environmental living is to use those materials for new purposes that are already present in your surroundings. That would be the best means of updating the hardware of your kitchen cabinet and doing that allows you to save plenty of money as well.

Innovative ways you can try

It is not really a good idea to use knife as a pullout drawer, but using of old forks and spoons for that purpose is. It would be easier if you opt for the old incompatible pieces of past utensil set for your drawer. Tow them out and observe if you cover enough of them for all the pulls to be replaced in kitchen. If your present pulls have gone flat, you can super-glue a fork or spoon on top of them. It is a fine idea to curve down any pointed fork and locate them on the upper surface of the drawer. You can curve the utensils to form a bent drawer pull if you don’t like the idea of gluing the utensils onto the old drawer pull. Make sure you leave about one and a half inch on each end, because you will need some space to make a hole and fix the fork or spoon in the drawer. Aim to curve the utensil to such an extent that it matches the outline of the present drawer pull, which enables you to use the same holes attached to the drawer face.

Sea Glass

If your house is situated in a beach or if you have just came back from a wonderful vacation from a beach, you might have bought a set of sea glasses which can be used in various creative projects. The word project defines a view in creating newly modernized kitchen cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Idea is that you could attach the sea glass pieces with the help of glue directly on them if the pulls are in fine shape and possess a flat surface. Make sure that the edges of the glasses glued are not sharp or pointed, or else it might be dangerous using the kitchen cabinets without checking. If the present drawer pulls do not work, you can purchase cheap wooden ones having a flat face. The more general the pull is, the best masterwork can be applied in order to make it a fine look.

Decoupage Knobs

Give your cabinet knobs a fun and funky look of fine art. Get the plain and wooden product that suits the shape and fashion of your cabinets. Leave them as simple as possible to get the best results. The next is to search for a colorful, fancy, or of a romantic depiction from a catalog or publication that would fit on to the surface of the pull. And then paint the pull or knob as you desire, and then paste the depiction or image onto the surface. Make sure you add some extra sealant layers to guard the pull or knob from regular use and probable contact with water. You can have at your disposal a truly distinctive set of kitchen cabinet knobs for as little as you could imagine.

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