Ready-to-Assemble Kitchen Cabinets For The Country Look

Do not worry of you have not found the correct theme for your kitchen, it might be so that you are not looking at the right places or you do not yet know all the options that are available. Not all kitchen themes are familiar to most of us and its not surprising that home owners are unaware of the fact that RTA kitchen cabinets can also be used to create the old charm that only custom made country cabinets can provide.


The Floor Planning


The first step to take before ordering your kitchen cabinets online is taking accurate measurements. The original floor plan can be changed or an entirely new plan can be drawn to place the kitchen cabinets on the kitchen floor. Hence, before you step into a retail store or place an order online, get a good idea of where the cabinets will be placed and how much space you want to allocate to each item of the cabinetry. Once you have ensured how much space you have to work, you can make informed decisions regarding the right type of the cabinet and the other aspects. Ask for free advice from RTA resellers. Extra cabinets can be added to the plan, but before that you will have to know the floor spaces properly.


Cabinet Types


Country kitchen cabinets are rare, therefore make sure that the RTAs that you select are good embodiment of the country spirit. Your country kitchen RTA cabinets should make it easier for you to access the items inside. Imbibe Lazy Susans in your design and try to create some space above the main counter top. It is quite comm on to place the plates and the dishes above the counter or on a separate shelf. Some RTA cabinets come with inbuilt lazy susans and extra shelves to accommodate the plates and extras that we just mentioned.


The Colors And The Facade


Natural, earthly tones are more suitable for country cabinets rather than black and shiny tones. Country cabinets made of maple and raised at the edges make the look perfectly bucolic and exquisite. Giving a distressed look to the unfinished kitchen cabinets is rather a good option and you will get plenty of unpainted RTA cabinets in the market which will let  you do so. Avoid doing anything that hampers the country look, such as painting the cabinets black or choosing plain facades. Dark reds as well as green are good color options.


RTA kitchen cabinets are available in a lot of themes and finding one that looks classically country will not be that hard in our opinion. Search the Internet if the local stores do not satiate your thirst. Searching for the all the available options will undoubtedly take time which is why we suggest you to plan all ahead and start looking right now if a renovation is  in the offing.

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