Kitchen Cabinets –- Storage vs Usage, Which is Important?

First let us see if the basic difference between a kitchen cabinet which has been optimized for storage and one which is armed for frequent usage.


Some cabinets are made to withstand the physical strain of being opened and closed a number of times every day. While others are specialized to contain more items then a normal cabinet. Choosing the cabinet for your kitchen will depend on the following factors.


Cabinet Doors


Pantry cabinets are the perfect example of storage cabinets. These are placed towards the sides of the cabinetry and do not come in the way of your daily usage. Since these are made to store things, storage cabinets are exposed to the physical strains of being opened and closed several times during the day. These cabinets do not require glass fronts and can be fitted with solid and strong wooden doors. Other frequently used cabinets which contain plates and glasswares can be fitted with transparent or semi-transparent glass. However, the insides  of the cabinets have to be maintain in prime order to have glass door fronts.


Hardware Issues


Cabinets which require to be open and closed often need sturdy knobs rather than stylish ones. They should have the capacity to withstand the regular tugs and pulls of everyday usage. For storage cabinets the best type of knobs are the metal ones which come in variety of styles and designs. If you can manage to pull the knobs softly then stylish ones can also be useful. Another alternative to these is the magnetic doors which closes the doors softly and also does away with the problem of replacing broken knobs. All of these are found in different styles and themes to match your requirements.


Layout of Cabinets


It is important to consider the contents of the cabinets while planning their layout. You will never benefit from storing your dinner plates where you cannot easily access them. Keeping such cabinets within reach, especially near the stove or the sink can make your work much easier. Store your rarely used items in cabinets which are by the wall or where they do not hinder your movement. Plan properly and examine all options before investing in storage cabinets. This will not only save you money but also preserve your time in the long run.






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