Thinking About an Open Loft Kitchen?

The specialty of open loft kitchens is that it makes the process of kitchen cabinet selection even harder. The cabinet has to meet the demands of your loft as well as stay within your budgetary limits too. Choosing a kitchen cabinet is never easy, it only becomes harder with an open loft kitchen. Here are a few tips which can help you choose the best and avoid blunders that home owners commonly make.


Space Aspect


Most specialty stores will help you out with this and in case they do not, you will have to make sure that you know all about the length, breadth and height of your kitchen. This is important to know before buying cabinets online or offline. Open loft kitchens do not have any walls so deciding the correct cabinet can be a bit harder. Consider installing an island and cabinets over them. This stand alone arrangement will segregate the open space into a kitchen area and a dining area. As already mentioned, free services are available if you seek them at stores.




Colors are a manifestation of your personality. Colors can make the kitchen stand out or gel in well with the surrounding. The décor of the room is instrumental in deciding the correct tone for your kitchen walls. Interior designers suggest the use of stark colors like plum or dazzling red in case of loft kitchens. Buy any of those  RTA cabinets which come uncolored so that you can paint or stain it the way you want to. Choosing sober tones is not discouraged at all, but that has become common place, experimenting a bit with the colors will not hurt you at all. Since RTA cabinets can take on color quite well, you can change the color later on after a year or so.




Another thing that can influence the looks is the material with which the cabinet is constructed. Uniformity with the surrounding is important, more so in the case of open loft kitchen cabinets. For example, if the loft has a contemporary, up to date look, you should choose a material theme that is in congruity with its surroundings. Minimalistic, sleek lines and sophisticated demeanor of the loft should be reflected in the cabinets too. Similar is the case with other themes. An antique or classical loft deserves matching cabinetry. Common, traditional materials or green products such as bamboo and laminates are also suitable.


Appropriate cabinets in the loft can add space to the otherwise small kitchen. Loft kitchens usually are exposed more than others, so garbing them with proper cabinets is essential. Buy RTA cabinets that let you do the right thing.

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