Mishmash Options for Custom Cabinets

It is quite obvious that after designing your kitchen you will expect it to look just like the way you dreamed about.  We do not have to reiterate that you will be unhappy if the kitchen turns out to be a bummer. The most challenging thing to do is creating a custom look for the kitchen using economical RTA cabinets. While you should not quite expect it to outshine the beauty of a true custom cabinet, there are chances that the RTAs can give a close competition to the custom cabinets if the designing is done properly. We believe our ideas will give you an idea of what we are trying to say.




Congruity of Top With The Bottom


Designers insist on matching the top of the cabinet with the bottom part. This match is contributive towards the beauty of the cabinet. This, however, is not a hard and fast rule and people have used diverse top and bottom cabinets to achieve better results. A dark upper cabinet combined with a light toned one at the bottom or vice versa. Space seems to extend with this combination and the beauty of diversified cabinetry is palpable. Such shrewd color schemes will make the kitchen look bigger than it actually is. All said and done, be careful not to make the difference too evident. You can maintain the persistence with the use of trims. Use trims of the similar hue as that of the lower cabinet.



Splash of Colors


Not all of us may like the idea of a colorful cabinet, but for those of us who like to splurge in a bout of creative outbreak, consider painting the cabinets with the wildest of colors. Most RTA cabinets are painted before they are sold, but there are unpainted versions too. Try finding some of these to indulge the painter in you. The final output of such colorful endeavor might not be worth showing to your friends but then the kitchen is a private property after all.



 Mixing The Old With The New


People often times like transfusing old cabinetry with the new ones and create an uncommon design which incorporates the charm of the old world as well as flaunts the sophistication of the new. Your base cabinet can be in antique style while the upper cabinets can be in modern theme. Try to imbibe colors and undertones that have a similarity in both the old and the new parts. Although it is not so easy, combining antiques with modern will yield great results if properly planned. Also be careful about the hardware choices.


RTA cabinets are truly wonderful when it comes to customizing or improvising things on your own. Try to put as many elements as you can and maintain a harmony among all.

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