Choosing Glass for Mullion Doors

Glassed doors will let you show off your china and precious crockery. If you are fretting over the details of your kitchen cabinet then you can take a glance at this option too. Other than solid wooden doors and composite finishes on surfaces, kitchen cabinets with glass doors are not only attractive but also efficient when it comes to displaying kitchenware. There are so many things to consider for the finishes that you will never tire off, rather the joy of taking your pick will keep you motivated. We have seen people choose glass for their cabinet fronts for various reasons. Besides the obvious one of showing off, some deem passage of sunlight inside the cabinet to be a healthy thing! No matter what your reasons are here are a few things that we would like you to consider before anything.


Members in the family


It is vital for the safety of the young members of the family that the cabinets which contain glass should be placed at the safe corners rather than where children and teenagers run around a lot. Typically, glassed or mullioned cabinets are safe above the counter top. Glass may be one of the most beautiful thing but not necessarily safe. To ensure safety of everybody in the house it is imperative that you select the right position to keep glassed cabinets. Less maintenance is also another advantage of placing glass cabinets away from children.


Type of glass


As you might already know that glass is not of one type alone, there are quite a few varieties and all are different. Some are good at making things discernible while others  such as semi-transparent glass will conceal things to a great degree. In case you are  miserable at cabinet organization, etched glass is a great option. Think beyond traditional glass when it comes to furbishing your cabinet. There is simply no explaining how good glass panels can transform the looks of your kitchen entirely.


Placement of the cabinet


As we have already mentioned, glass cabinets will not only be safe but also look apposite depending where you decide to place it. Since the space above the counter top is away from the reach of children and it is readily visible to all your visitors, we think the space above the counter top is the best place. Glass banging against the wall or being knocked by a running child is a potentially hazardous situation. Keep an eye out for such things and anticipate all events while opening or closing the cabinet doors to avoid them as well as to prevent the glass from shattering.


There is a dark side to everything good and glass is one of them. While there is nothing better to show off the china inside your cabinet, you may also end up replacing the glass frequently due to a slight mistake in the placement of the cabinet. Make sure you get the three basics right which we have just discussed.



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