Cabinet Materials — Latest Trends in Construction

Knowing all about the cabinet construction material will help you in choosing the best for your kitchen. There are several choices and it is important that you know what material does what and what not as well as the costs. Below is a guide to the most used materials in RTA kitchen cabinets.


  1. Solid wood: Solid wood is not only structurally strong but also pleasing to the eye. These are more companionable with stains and colors. The natural look of solid wood is incomparable and veneer comes nowhere close to it. If you plan to change the colors later on then solid wood is your best bet. Try to buy cabinets that at least have a wooden door.
  2. Plywood: Plywood and solid wood are quite different and it would benefit from the knowledge of the two. Solid wood, as the name suggests is solid unlike plywood which is several layers of thin wooden sheets glued together. This makes plywood less vulnerable to warping over time, however as far as the aesthetic beauty of things are concerned, we suggest solid wood to our client. Solid wood should form the doors of the cabinet and it would not hurt if the other parts are made of plywood. Countertops, sides and base construction are better off being constructed with plywood.
  3. Particle Board: Unlike fortified plywood materials, particle board cabinets are also used in many households. These are made of pieces of broken and discarded wood pieces which are finally glued together. Their structural integrity is nothing to sing about and a little physical strain can take the cabinet apart piece by piece. There is absolutely no guarantee that cabinets made of particle boards will not bend or warp over time.


As far as our opinion goes, solid wooden doors and plywood based cabinets are not only durable but also beautiful. These may have a relatively higher price tag but every penny is worth the expense. While investing in kitchen cabinets, it is quite imperative that you choose wisely and make every penny count.

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