Top 10 Trends For Home Improvement in 2011

  1. People need a sense of serenity and tranquility. This can be achieved by an unperturbed and organic flow of items through out the house.
  2. Recycling artifacts is in. Young home owners are looking to repossess what their family passed down on to them. Antiques are in demand like never before because of their capacity to connect the home owners to their past.
  3. Ascetic living styles have been shunned in favor of a warmer lifestyle. People want to be surrounded by warm tones and pretty textures and forms.
  4. With rising unrest around the world, people are looking for peace and comfort in their homes and that has been reflected in their choice of articles in their kitchens.
  5. Green products which are free of VOC and other such harmful effervescence are going to become mainstream. Their present acceptance among the patrons of environment conservation will receive a shot in the arm and gradually more and more people will join.
  6. The popular alternative to paints, wallpaper is back again. Textured and creatively patterned wallpapers are selling like hot cakes. These are a better than paints because these can be removed and changed at will.
  7. Soft curves and pleasing lines are better than angular edges and hard shapes. Lively structures do impart an impression of animation in the kitchen rather than a cold demeanor which are characteristic of boring geometric shapes.
  8. Upgrading houses and kitchens have become more attractive than buying new ones. Spending less and gaining more has become the motto of modern homeowners due to the downturn of global economy. To save money DIY projects are being taken up as people seek newer ways to save money on labor charges.
  9. Custom cabinetry is no more the apple of the eye. The strain caused by the economy has made homeowners rethink their styling strategy and hence big box owners and online retailers are making their presence felt.

10. Mixing and matching costly items with affordable ones is suggested by most interior designers and home decorators.

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