The Importance of Budget in Kitchen Cabinets

No matter what we buy we are careful about the amount we spend and the quality of product we get in lieu of our hard earned money. Buying kitchen cabinets is no exception and you will have to consider the budgetary aspects of the purchase and match it to your needs and capacities. A home owner has to be careful about not exceeding his budgets while buying kitchen cabinets as well as get the most out of it. Everything depends on the money you are willing to spend and it decides the number of available options you will have in the market.


We advise you to plan in advance and earmark an amount before even you step into the home development store to buy cabinets. It is not practical for anyone to keep buying cabinets over and over  again or change the looks frequently, apart from the monetary angle, changing and relocating stuff from one cabinet to another is also a pain. Hence we think it is smart to decide the amount you are willing to spend.


What decides the price


The price is directly proportional to the quality of material used. Higher the quality, higher the price and lower the quality, lower the price.


The next factor is the dimensions of the cabinetry. A large sized cabinet with lots of bells and whistles will be costlier than a small sized ones or with lesser drawers and shelves.


No one wants a cabinet that looks unattractive or unfashionable. The style factor comes next on our list of factors. A simple cabinet without any extras will be economical than one which has the looks in full measure.


These factors are at the driving end of the price of cabinets and no matter how high or low your search, you will find no exception to these factors. Hence we advise you to take heed of these every time you go shopping. We have categorized the cabinets in three groups for your ease.



Basic Kitchen Cabinets


For those of you who cannot live without the perfect fitting and good styling, this is it. The parts of these basic things are cheap and easy to assemble on your own, thus it cuts down on your labor expenses too. Frame less and made of veneered particle boards basic kitchen cabinets are available in quite a few options in terms of style and size. Expect these to cost somewhere around 250 to 350 US Dollars.


Mid-Segment Kitchen Cabinets


These are priced higher than the above category and allows for more personalization and style options such as trims, accessories, finishes, paints, designs, themes as well as choice of construction material. Thicker veneered particle boards or thinner pieces of plywood is used for the construction of these  mid range cabinets. Do not expect it to be made of high quality stuff. The price can be expected to be somewhere in the range of USD 400 to USD 900.


Premium Kitchen Cabinets


The costliest and the best that the cabinet industry has to offer comes under this category. These include the high end, fully customized cabinets as well as the semi-customizable ones with a huge price tag. These are perfect style statements for those who want to match their kitchen décor to the rest of their house. There should be no doubt regarding the quality of materials used or the hardware fitted into these cabinets. These will make you poorer by USD 1600 to USD 2000.


We hope  this has made it easier for you to decide the type of cabinet you want for your kitchen.

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