Country Cabinets for That Homely, Picturesque Mien

Taking a look at our hectic life, we see that most of us so starved of time that we do not have all the time in the world which we seemed to have not long ago. As such the kitchen has become the only single place where we interact with out family and get something to eat. At most, we have quite and peaceful dinner with our loved ones once in a while. The need to make our kitchens the perfect place to cook has been overshadowed by an even more urgent need to making it a place to get together and recreate. 


One of such ways is to fuse  together the amenities of the modern world and the basics of the bucolic origin that we all share. Designers have created the perfect fusion of these two in what is popularly known as the country kitchen cabinets. For those of strapped of time and a good place to meet with the family, the country kitchen cabinets is the perfect design to adopt.


Designing a country themed kitchen is not the easiest of things to do. It requires a meticulous portrayal of the American country side and the pastures in a vivid manner. One things that needs to be adhered to is the basic difference between an American country life and the European version, if not vastly different, both have their dissimilarities and oddities regarding architecture, clothing and habits which needs to be reflected without fail.


Differences in Style


Apart from the fact that American Countryside styled cabinets are more on the airy side, these are centered around the livestock of the nomad Americans and their traditional patchworks used in attires. Whereas, sophistication is the main feature of European country cabinets. Among all of these the French country cabinets are immensely popular. Intricate ornamentation on wood and metal is characteristic to European cabinets. Colors are also equally important and the lush lavender fields are imitated with light hues which add to the ambiance of the cabinets and make them look spacious too.


Voluminous chunks of furniture are added with singular sideboards for added space and taller looks. Victorian themed kitchen cabinets are also  an intrinsic  part of country themed cabinetry. These are known to elude imperialistic looks with their dark woods and suave colors manifested in the artistic patterns.



Other patterns and themes that come under the ambit of country kitchen cabinets are the Italian, Casual and the Formal versions. Although these are not as popular they have a characteristic design and style defined by the colors, hardware and fittings which make them unique. You should do your homework well before planning to buy any of these. Most importantly, these are usually unavailable in stock version, you might have to go for full customization to bring the old world charm to your kitchen.

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