A Guide to Elegant Kitchen Using Antique Cabinets

Antique cabinets are unique in the fact that these are unlike and disparate in terms of design and looks. The craftsmen who design these portray a theme which is not modern or contemporary and thus these have an outdated charm. This is what attracts the customers to antique cabinetry.


There is no dearth to the choices that are available with antique cabinets. Most of these are made of natural woods such as pine, oak, mahogany and cherry. You may find metals and polymers used extensively for this purpose. The hardware parts and colors are well thought out and complement the archaic looks. Here is a lost of a few gorgeous options in the antique kitchen cabinet category.


White Antique Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets in the pristine white color look elegant and lustrous. The main advantage is that these are agreeable to any kitchen theme. There is no constraint as to the colors of the walls, back splash or the tiles. White kitchens are the perfect companion to all colors and hues. However the colors which are considered most complementary are blue and red.


Black Antique Cabinets


Black antiques impart a histrionic demeanor to the kitchen and brings out the beauty of the  themes no matter whether they are traditional or modern. The elude a sense of power and sophistication and can be arranged to suit several patterns and designs. If the walls are cream, yellow or white the looks are accentuated to a higher level. A combination of the right ingredients can transform your drab kitchen to futuristic crib. We think one of such combination is black antique kitchen cabinets with granite counter tops on a white backdrop of the wall. The accessories and hardware are best made of steel to bring out the sleekness of the ensemble.


Green Antique Cabinets


Green signifies life, nature, growth and renewal. There is no better way to imbibe these in your life than your kitchen. Green cabinets impart a sense of equilibrium and calm in their vicinity. If you love green then you bring out the beauty of these cabinets with yellow walls and black or white tiles. Purple is also a good complimentary color.


Red Antique Cabinets


The color red adds vibrancy and an animation to the kitchen. Cabinets of this color augers well with green, blue and pink background. Red is also the color of love and will make you feel joyful. These cabinets are compatible with gray and blue walls. However the color purple is best avoided because of the garish combination that these two make.


Before buying any of these antique kitchen cabinets you should look at all the colors and visit shops and read the details before shelling out the money. You should expect descriptions of how to put up the shelves and what specialties each of these come with. Juxtapose each to find the one which makes sense to your needs.




The only care that is required in the name maintenance is an occasional rub and swipe with a soap and water solution. Try to avoid excess water and wipe clean the surfaces to ensure a long lasting antique cabinetry. One thing  that is undoubtedly detrimental to the looks is abrasive chemicals.

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