Instant and Economical Option — Stock Kitchen

Planning for a kitchen remodeling is all about emphasizing on the cabinets. The signs of an elegantly done kitchen is in the perfect fit of the cabinets which are in congruity with the rest if the kitchen décor. One of the time tested ways of doing up the kitchen is to buy stock cabinets.


These stock cabinets are found in variety of colors and designs options. Although one might argue that stock cabinets are not as widely designed as the custom made ones, but they serve their purpose with aplomb. They are cheap and very functional. You can find these preassembled or unfinished such as the ready to assemble versions as well as stock cabinets are found in standard measurements which are made to fit generic kitchen contours.


We have listed a few important which are not only important factors to be considered while purchasing stock cabinets, but also you will be able to plan properly for changes later.


  1. Budget: One of the first things to consider before going forward with your plan is the budget factor. As they say, cut your coat according to your cloth, the budget is very important if you want to make the best of your hard earned money. Stock cabinets are cheap and durable. You can do all the fixing, painting ad maintenance job yourself which will again save you a lot of money.
  2. Requirements: The next thing that needs to be taken care of is your requirement. The number of shelves, drawers and trays are variable and you have the freedom to choose what you want to.
  3. Style: We do agree that stock cabinets are not found in as many design options as custom created ones. Therefore, if looks are at the top of your priority list, you may want to look somewhere else other than stock or ready to assemble cabinets. Stock cabinets are like the joker in the pack and they can fit anywhere. Comparing all the various options is what we recommend. Stepping into a home depot you can compare all the styles as well as the accompanying accessories.
  4. Aptness:  Fitting the stock cabinets adequately requires measuring the dimensions properly before stepping into the store. If the proportions of your kitchen are unusual then semi-custom cabinets are the only options that you have left with you. Try out all the alternatives because purchasing ugly ducklings will not only hurt your finances but also keep you tied down until you save enough to buy a new set.


Standard Sizes


Most standard stock cabinets are sized in multiples of 3 inches and they are fitted with filling boards and spacers. You can easily find glass fronts with special finishes, frames and knobs, which look better. Floor cabinets are usually sized at 35 inches at minimum to a maximum of 37 inches, whereas wall cabinets can be anywhere between 32 to 42 inches.


The fact that stock cabinets are produced in bulk, these are competitively priced and are easily available for purchase unlike custom made ones which take some time. Finding these at discounted prices is also common, you will have to take a look at retailers who are making a stock clearance sale of the previous season. These durable products are hawked by several vendors which is why you should not limit your search to few places. However, if it is possible, try choosing a local vendor to save on your shipping expenses.

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