Green Kitchen Cabinets – Environment-friendly Living at Its Best

Existing in an extremely environmentally conscious age, one should be aware of the possible hazards of the whole lot around us. There is an invasion of a whole variety of eco-friendly products (or, “green” products) in the marketplace and you can obtain everything from green kitchen frills to eco-friendly paint. Kitchen cabinets are vital things for the home and are not as toxin-free as they are made out to be.



Nice big kitchen with reclaimed pine cabinets and Energy Star stainless steel appliances. Photo courtesy of Hanley Wood, LLC


When you plan to modernize the kitchen, look for eco-friendly goods such as eco-friendly kitchen cabinets. Below are some significant things you must keep in mind prior to buying green kitchen cabinets:


Urea formaldehyde – This is an extremely admired adhesive for wood as well as wood-based products, and defined as an apparent “human carcinogen” by World Health Organization (WHO). However, when used in tiny quantities, this does not create health hazard; the Environmental Protection Agency powerfully recommends very negligible use of the same. The difficulty mostly occurs when urea formaldehyde comes in contact with warmth – the emissions are then intensified and made more concentrated. The kitchen is a space where the temperatures are in general high; so strive not to make use of products that have urea formaldehyde as their main adhesive.


Low VOC – While searching for green kitchen cabinets, make sure that there is no or extremely little Volatile Organic Compound – also known as VOC. This is a fraction of paints and bulk of the finishes that are employed for sealing the cabinets’ exterior. Emissions of VOCs generate elevated levels of injurious gas in the air. Despite the fact that these are obtainable on request, the benefit of the low VOC intensity is that it is odorless as well.


Durability – While deciding on green kitchen cabinets, it incredibly important to ensure their durability. A high-quality green cabinet ought to be able to uphold 20 yrs of superior use. Since most of us will not decide to remodel their kitchen each year, it makes better sense to employ worthy products even if expensive. In spite of green cabinets being more expensive, search for deals in neighborhood papers as well as the Internet. While purchasing through the Internet, ensure you verify the shipping costs also.



Trading green kitchen cabinets


Here are some options on green kitchen cabinets:


1. Bamboo – This is an option for a number of environmentalists since it takes even less than half the time required for bamboo to attain its size in contrast to other kinds of wood. Bamboo gives calming effect to the eye and also can lend a totally diverse look to the kitchen. Green kitchen cupboards constructed of bamboo are very well-built and have a desirable durability.



2. Recycled wood – If you are interested on dropping deforestation, recycled wood turns out to be the best choice. An astonishing feature of recycled wood is the fact that it is really stronger than other commercial woods employed for manufacturing cabinets in the contemporary market. Also, the sturdiness of recycled kitchen cabinets is very high. Such recycled wood cabinets are generally made from aged solid wood and a nice low-VOC finish gives them the perfect look. Besides being sturdy, recycled wood fall easy on your pocket.


3. Reclaimed kitchen cabinets – This is an additional choice while setting up plans to go green with the kitchen. Reclaimed wood have been employed by a number of manufacturers who have innovativeness in using them. Besides being an affordable choice, the worth might be quite great since the person doing away with the preceding cabinet may just wish to alter the way the kitchen appears. If you come across a cabinet that go well with your home and your necessities, just select it and modify it a bit if required. Reclaimed wood may even originate from heritage buildings. So you by no means will know what type of treasure you are laying your hands on.


Fortunately, the consumers’ wants are reverberated by the manufacturers and they offer high quality, sturdy and reasonably priced eco-friendly kitchen cabinetry. With the arrival of countless green products, you can be assured of finding an impressive choice that should fit your requirements and budget flawlessly.


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