Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets – Sturdy, Resilient and biodegradable

Bamboo cabinets are identified with green and are biodegradable. They are exclusive in their appearance and designs. They cannot be compared with ordinary kitchen cabinets that are made of metal, polymer or woods. Bamboo kitchen cabinets give the kitchen an amazing look, a trendy unconventional stylish feel that is even hard to find in costly kitchen cabinets. They are now a day’s used increasingly in people’s homes as any other furniture made from it because of their advantages.


Usefulness of having bamboo kitchen cabinets


■ Sturdy and resilient – Bamboo cabinets are sturdy and resilient as it is harder than many of the woods that are available like walnut and oak. Bamboo kitchen cabinets offer stability and they don’t contract and go out of shape with weather changes like any other traditional woods. They are very much weather resistant and so their fitting will not at all degrade after a while. So, the doors and drawers will also not go out of shape. They are even resistant to water, sun and day to day use.


■ Exceptional artistic appeal – Trendy natural appeal comes very easy with bamboo kitchen cabinets. They look attractive with unconventional and state-of-the-art kitchen appliances like refrigerators and microwave. They also compliment the typical kitchen appliances very well. All type of bamboo made fixture make a perfect match with bamboo kitchen cabinets. Not only that even other type of furniture goes very well with it.


■ Biodegradable – Bamboo kitchen cabinets does not unearth any harmful chemical or any toxic material that is very harmful for our health. It does not contain any synthetic or glass particles. They are very natural and ecological. They don’t harm us in any way.


■ They provide a better option than particle board or other sturdy woods – they are a better alternative than other cabinets made from particle woods or other sturdy woods. They flatter every shade and fixture. You don’t have to worry about the shade of your walls and tiles. Any kitchen background goes well with it.


■ Versatile use – Bamboo cabinets can be put to versatile use. They can be used inside as well as outside the home. They are a perfect choice for log cabin kitchen or beach side kitchen. They are so light that they are easily transferrable.


■ Easy for preservation – Bamboo woods are very easy to clean compared to others. They can be cleaned on a regular basis. They don’t require any chemicals for cleaning. You can just use water or some solution to wash them.





Guidelines for choosing bamboo kitchen cabinets:


1. It should be of superior quality – check the quality of the bamboo carefully. It should be sturdy and proper so that it could be used in cabinetry. Sometimes the bamboos used are very inferior. You should be very careful because different qualities of bamboos are available. Enquire properly from the bamboo dealer about the quality and from where it has come. Sometimes people take home laminated bamboo plywood which is not of good quality.


2. Check the bonding agent and finishes used – enquire from the dealer or the manufacturer what type of finishes are used. Formaldehyde should not be present and if it then it should be low. The shades of the bamboo are different depending on the types of dying. It can also be different depending on the location and the selection of bamboo grown.


3. Take care of the budget – Your budget should be taken care of. Though bamboo kitchen cabinets are cheaper compared with wooden cabinets then also choose the one that is most suitable.


Research on the Internet and surf the websites to know about bamboo kitchen cabinets and then choose the one that is most suitable for your home.

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