Installing kitchen cabinets could be easy!

It has nowadays become comparatively easier to install kitchen cabinets with modular cabinets. It’s very easy to hang with the help of some simple tools. You would not need any professional help to hang them. But you can always take the help of some friend to aid you in holding the cabinets in place. Modular cabinets are autonomous in quintessence.



You would be able to set up your modular kitchen cabinets yourself with the help of a little bit of inventiveness and that would save some of your money. The pleasure of doing something yourself is immense and you could really give yourself that by doing the simple task of installing them without depending on a professional help.


Tips to install kitchen cabinets


You can gear yourself by following the simple steps that are mentioned below:


■          You would require some screwdriver, drilling machine, caulk etc. They are very much necessary for the installation of kitchen cabinets. You would be required to drill for the installation.

■          You can wear apron and rubber gloves so as to protect yourself from damaging your hands and clothes.

■          Newspapers could come handy in covering your floor to avoid getting filthy.

■          You could easily damage your kitchen cabinets if you are not careful in handling them.


In advance of installing your kitchen cabinets some things should be taken care of:


Take exact measurement of your kitchen before installation of your kitchen cabinets so that they fit perfectly. If any discrepancies appear then it can end up spoiling the look of your kitchen. If you are using the old ones then what you can do repainting them to give new looks and then install.


That will maintain the refreshing looks of your kitchen.


Take out all the appliances like refrigerator, the dishwasher etc out of the kitchen while installing the kitchen cabinets. Because these appliances take a lot of space and you will need the space for successful installation of your kitchen cabinets. It may even spoil your appliances if you don’t get the required space.


Take opportunity of this time to clean up your kitchen. We mostly clean our kitchen seasonally and sometimes we don’t even have the time to that. So, make proper use of this opportunity to divest the unnecessary items that may pile up due to your lack of time. It will not only increase your storage capacity but also will give you a clean and striking kitchen




Compiling collectively your kitchen cabinet:


What you can do is read the instructions carefully before fixing your kitchen cabinets .you can follow some of the instructions like:

  1. Doors and other supplementary hardware always come last in the installation process. Install the cabinets first and then put on the doors and other hardware. It will make the installation process easier.
  2.  The upper cabinets should be installed first to avoid the chances of causing harm to the other parts that also need installation. Your fittings should be appropriate before assembling the cabinetry. If you are remodeling your kitchen than make sure of the fittings before going any further.
  3. Before escalating them, confirm the accurate positioning of the cabinets. You can always take help of someone to hold the cabinets in their subsequent slots.



Actual installation of the cabinets:


After matching the measurement properly you can start the installation process of your kitchen cabinets. Make sure that the cabinets are held properly by the hoops to avoid coming out of the hooks. You can make use of the hoops finder to hang them. Make sure cabinets are leveled in an even way. After doing all these you can complete your installation.


After the installation process you can start moving your kitchen appliances readily back into their respective place. Everything depends on your measurement. If it’s perfect that it would look like the work of a professional. If there are problem then the cupboards would be uneven. What you can do is adjust them slightly to get the perfect fit. Of course, it would require some of your time but everything is worth the time and energy.

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