Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Review

Wood kitchen cabinets may be rated as the ideal mix of form and function. They showcase durability and rock-hard structure of wood besides the beauty, warmth and grace.


There are several kinds of woods to select from counting hard woods like oak, maple and ash as also softer woods in the category of walnut and cherry. Each type of wood has its merits and demerits together with the cost you have to bear for it. Besides the woods listed here, there are additional choices comprising the less common woods like hickory, pine, birch, beech and the exotics varieties like mahogany and ebony.



Wood kitchen cabinets constructed of oak. Photo: courtesy “Sovereign Quality Custom Remodelers”



Wood kitchen cabinet costs


While supplementary features like drawers, baskets, bins, a Lazy Susan or specifically ordered hardware kinds can prop up the cost of wood kitchen cabinets, there are certain woods that cost always more than others. One among the least expensive wood is pine while maple and oak are moderately priced. Walnut and cherry, in particular high grade cherry, can be a lot expensive and the exotics like mahogany and ebony are the dearest of all.


The fewer imperfections a wood has, the more likely is its chance of being expensive. This holds true even in the case of lower end woods like pine. A pine cabinet with zero stains and even color will be charged more than the one that has color variations or knot holes.



Guidelines for purchasing wood kitchen cabinets:


1. Genuine wood kitchen cabinets are fabulous as they are physically powerful and are everlasting, but they also tend to hoist the property worth of your home. If your kitchen has MDF products like engineered wood, fiber board and particle board, they are not likely to survive the customary wear and tear.


2. You should also make a decision between softwood and hardwood. Characteristically, hardwoods are preferable and it is sensible to opt for that. Hardwoods like walnut, oak, ash; mahogany and maple tender longevity as well as durability.


3. Custom built wood cabinets are higher priced, but they are built to accommodate according to your kitchen. These are inimitable. On the other hand, wood kitchen cabinets that are readymade may not fit the distinctive design of your kitchen, especially if you are in possession of an odd shaped kitchen.


4. Another alternative to deem with wood kitchen cabinets is RTA or ready to assemble cabinets. They most certainly save you money and you can also save on the shipping as well as the handling fees. Wooden cabinets that are available in pieces rather than the assembled ones may uphold less damage at the time of transit as well. Also, if you are handy, then you will take pleasure in the installation work. If you are not a do-it-yourself sort of person, you still have the RTA cabinets installed with professionals’ help.



5. Select a wood that goes well with your style and taste and one that will permit you to get pleasure from your kitchen for years. For a radiant look, choose woods like beech, oak, birch, ash, chestnut or maple. For a discrete grain pattern prefer woods like walnut, hickory, ash or oak. Prefer woods like maple or cherry if you want an even structure.


6. It is sensible to look at samples prior to deciding what kind of wood to go for. Among the chief manufacturers of kitchen cabinets in wood are: Kraftmaid, Merillat, Artistokraft and Thomasville.


7. Woods of dissimilar types can blend together superbly and are over and over again used in amalgamation for ornamentation effect. You could opt for a cheaper wood with respect to the main cabinet and then highlight its look with accents and other finishes of high-end woods.


8. If your purpose is to paint your wooden kitchen cabinets as post- installation, then it is completely sane to choose lower cost wood range rather than the higher end. If, on the other hand, you make use of a classy wood, utilize a stain as it will surface out the innate beauty of the wood while giving your kitchen a typical feel and look.


9. Order wooden kitchen cabinets online:

The Internet is a great place for online stores as well as key warehouses and retailer. Their websites contain details of all available models and values. USHomeProducts is one such website contributing wood kitchen cabinets online.



Showing compassion for wood kitchen cabinets


Use a soft cloth with hot water and gentle soap to make your wood kitchen cabinetry dirt-free. Ensure not to leave behind any water on the wooden surface. Over time, too much water accumulation and exposure can cause harm to your finish.


At habitual intervals and also in between washes, clean the wood kitchen cabinets using reliable furniture polish. Avoid any harsh chemical or liquids having acetone on the wood kitchen cabinets. The chemicals can lead to discoloration and damage to your cabinets.


It is suggested that you pursue the manufacturer’s instructions for preservation and clean-up of your precious kitchen wood cabinets to make them everlasting.

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