Oak Kitchen Cabinets Review

Oak is rated to be among the most beautiful and solid materials for wood cabinet pickings, as well as a very durable customer. This is especially essential with respect to the kitchen, since the kitchen cabinets are inclined to intense conditions like hard water or steam besides continuous exploitation. Oak kitchen cabinets are made to endure every potential condition while maintaining their reliability on being sealed properly.


These are usually available in two kinds of colors – an extremely light, close to white color and the other a reddish-brown. You will not miss the typical distinguishing grain pattern in the oak. Kitchens that require to give out a cozy feel need to be installed with red oak cabinets while white oak kitchen cabinets come suitable for a room that needs to be shown brighter and larger than the actual.


You may opt for wide ranging customization in the case of white oak cabinets. These can be tarnished to contest the kitchen interior, right from the traditional to the more contemporary kitchen designs. Also, with change in fashion trends, you may decide to sand or stain these oak cabinets with a different color thus bringing in a completely new feel.


Because of its accessibility, oak comes cheap compared to other wood employed for making kitchen cabinets. As a matter of fact, you may set up a complete 10 by 10 kitchen for as less as $3000. This is rather reasonably priced if you are to consider the price you would have had to pay for other kinds of wood. Oak kitchen cabinets enjoy extreme popularity in the market, mostly due to its manifold benefits: durability, adaptability, stability and low cost.


Oak kitchen cabinets are practically everlasting, so pronounce themselves as very good investments for your home. On the flipside though remains the fact that oak is not known to be a sustainable matter and is consequently not regarded as green choice. Oak cabinets may be constructed from retrieved wood; however these are frequently produced from cut down trees. Oak trees require an awfully extensive time to grow back and this leads to delay in replenishment of supplies.






Guidelines for purchasing oak kitchen cabinets:


1. Solid oak kitchen cupboards are suggested since they display durability and style. They will also lift the property worth of your home. Note that most of the MDF products that include engineered wood, fiber board and particle board having an oak veneer are unable to survive the typical kitchen environment without difficulty.




2. Read made oak kitchen cabinets come cheaper, but for an addly designed kitchen. In that case, you will have to bear supplementary expenses for a custom made cabinet to fit into the room properly, look suitable and provide utility.



3. Among others, you must also ensure that you obtain the correct features and accompaniments so that the kitchen looks different from the other rooms. Some of the unique finish that you can think of adding to the oak cabinets includes bins or baskets for extra storage and organization, revolving cabinets that permit quick admittance to items and drawers that can double the original space without taking up any extra floor space. But, these added features will raise the cost of your kitchen cabinets.


4. Another alternative to think about your oak kitchen cabinets is RTA (ready to assemble). This way you will save money and also save on the shipping charges as well as handling fees. Oak cabinets that are available in pieces rather than readymade may prolong life throughout transit as well. You can save extra money by constructing and setting up the RTA oak cabinets on your own. If you do not want to do that, you can have them installed by professionals.


5. Kraftmaid, Merillat, Thomasville and Aristokraft are some of the chief manufacturers of wood kitchen cabinetry.


6. Ensure that you opt for oak color that will balance the general look of your kitchen. Before confirming a color, look at samples and make sure you opt for a color that augurs well with your kitchen. Remember that oak darkens with time.



Restoring your oak kitchen cabinets


Since these are very durable, oak kitchen cabinets are everlasting possessions. You may choose to paint or stain them as per your wishes to keep up with the changing trends.


Show care and clean your oak kitchen cabinets appropriately, including infrequent washing with warm water mixed with mild soap. You may wipe them off with a moist cloth rubbed in furniture polish.


There is no need to use much water and use the cloth in a dry state. Do not use harsh chemicals as these can lead to discoloration. Keep in mind the instructions of the manufacturer to enhance the longevity of your oak kitchen cabinets.



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