Maple Kitchen Cabinets Review

Among the variety of woods meant for kitchen cabinets, maple has been the foremost choice. It contributes to gorgeous looks besides being solid, hard-wearing and great resistance to abrasion. Maple can resist everything that it faces whatever kind of mistreatment that kitchen cabinets have to undergo – grease, moisture, steamy or cold conditions.



Salient Features of maple kitchen cabinets


These cabinets are undisputedly the finest investments worth making in your prized kitchen not just because maple cabinets are everlasting but also since these are extremely adaptable and resourceful. These never wear out and once you get sick the kitchen design, you may opt to sand them and refurbish to bring them in sync with the novel look you are seeking. This way the finish of these cabinets is also restored.


Since maple is comparatively of a lighter shade than oak, it makes for the perfect look. It induces a sense of vividness and additional space. In natural state, maple can be made to appear almost white. There are a few varieties that tend to be darker in looks while the wood is relatively easier to stain or paint to make it compatible with certain decorating formats.


Maple wood is characterized by more delicate grains and patterns thus eliminating the need to spend on introducing the similar look you are looking for in the kitchen cabinet.


Again, maple is cheaper in comparison to oak in terms of genuine wood cabinets. This is primarily because of its easy availability. Hence, if you consider the versatility, muscle and restorability of maple kitchen cabinets, you won’t hesitate to invest on the same. This stands out to be the foremost reason why maple cabinets are well-liked.


An archetypal 10 x 10 kitchen system along with maple cabinets should come at around $3,000 or even less in case you have decided to do away with the up gradation or addition of other features.



Purchasing maple kitchen cabinets – some guidelines to bear in mind:


1. Firm maple kitchen cabinets translate into an asset to your home and add to the value of belongings. Maple veneer kitchen cabinets are of less significant quality and usually do not thrive long to be worth investing.


2. Ready made vs. Custom built Cabinets – In the event of your kitchen being peculiarly fashioned or of an abnormal size, your preeminent and perhaps only gamble would be to opt for custom made maple kitchen cabinets. It is worthwhile to keep in mind that while such a step may elevate the cost, it will be superior to dealing with out of fit cabinets in the long run.


3. To save cash on your selection, choose ready to assemble maple cabinets (or, more popularly RTA) instead of ready made. This will drastically trim down the cost and lessen the possibility of dents suffered during shipping. Besides, if you are a self dependent individual, then you may take pleasure in doing the installation work on your own. In the opposite case, you may have your kitchen cabinets assembled with the assistance of professionals. It must be remembered that, RTA cabinets will cost you less in shipping besides their lesser price.


4. Additional Components vs. Basic Cabinets – The more accessories you add to your maple cabinets, the more the price will rise. However if it is really essential to have them, go for it. Some choices to mull over are bins as well as baskets that complement storage and grouping much easy and Lazy Susans can relax and find stuff without much ado.


5. Hardware Preference – The hardware you select for the maple kitchen cupboards are sure to add up to the hefty price. The rise will be more if you are opting for fancy knobs and pulls or hinges.


6. Few popular manufacturers of wood kitchen cabinets are, Aristokraft, Kraftmaid, Thomasville and Merillat.


7.  Select a color that will harmonize the general outward show of your kitchen. Investigate samples and showrooms prior to deciding on the final color of your kitchen. It must be made a note of the fact that maple is prone to turn yellow with time, a buttery after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. So it is sensible to discuss it with an interior designer while you are on the lookout for maple kitchen cabinets.




Showing concern towards your maple kitchen cabinets


Think about the maple kitchen cabinets appropriately and they will be everlasting possessions of yours.


Polish the cabinets once a week using a soft cloth complemented by furniture polish.


Also, you must wash the maple kitchen cabinets using warm water with mild soap; but ensure that you do not exaggeratedly wet them in the process.


Avoid harsh chemicals for cleaning the cabinets like acetone as it will lead to discoloration and result in damage of your cabinets.


Always pursue the instructions of the manufacturer on how to take care and preserve your precious maple kitchen cabinets.

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