Lighting Solutions for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Lighting is an important aspect which most of us cannot do without, the need of ambient lighting is felt immensely while preparing meals. However, not many of us want to pay a high energy bill. The best way to conserve on electricity bills is to dim out the lights when not in use and use low power consuming under cabinet lights during nighttime.


LED lights which are available as linear strips are efficient on the lighting front and thrifty on bills. The Home Decoration Collection blogs says that puck lights are good  for illuminating objects on a wide floor or inside sunken drawers where pots and large pans are placed. Power saving fluorescent bulbs should be installed at places which do not need radiance on a constant basis.


For those of you who do not have experience with planning for lighting in your kitchen, here is a simple  and efficacious plan which will suit most kitchen cabinet layouts.


Installing cabinet lights within an hour


There are several plans and these vary from one designer to another as well as from one kitchen layout to another. If you have a conventional recessed cabinet with 7/8 inch deep surface, then there are different under-cabinet lights which you can choose from. The advantage of under-cabinet lighting is that these do not protrude out of the surface.


If you have plans to install 12-volt lights then you will have to ensure that you have a 120 volt AC converter system in place to power these beauties. This will depend on the number of under-cabinet lights you plan to have.


There is no fear that you will not find one of these to suit you needs or to create a breathtaking effect.

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