DIY Cabinet Painting — Things to Avoid

Painting requires diligent adherence to few guidelines which most home owners DIY proponents fail to follow thereby creating a messy situation which can be irreversible at times or cost a fortune to make correct. These mistakes may happen because of lack of knowledge, hence here are a few points to remember while taking up the paint brush.


Doors and cabinets need to be properly polished and sand papered to make it smooth and agreeable to paint. You must always take the hardware apart and carry the cabinetry outside in open space to give yourself more room to work. Doing the job inside the kitchen may result in paint drips, spills and dust particles flowing all over the place.


Knowing the guts inside out


Use a high density foam paint roller instead of a low grade microfiber product which can cause blotchy surfaces. Use high quality brushes for a perfect finish. You might have to spend twice the price of a costly brush if you neglect the importance of one.


If your  cabinets have drawers mounted on side ways tracks, then it is wise to pull them out altogether and paint them separately instead of clogging the sliding mechanism.   Always use a good grade sand paper to smoothen the surface before painting. This will ensure that the paint stays long enough.

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