Home Owner’s Opinion of Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Colors are a manifestation of your personality, this is a fact which has been confirmed by several color experts, decorators and designers. The presence of colors on your backsplash, floors and walls are all part of your inner self which dictates your choice of colors. A discolored cabinet or a chipped one indicates that you are either strapped of money or you do not care much about your possessions. 


Every year, the experts list out the favorite colors which they think will rule the trends of the following year. As far as I am concerned, I do not always agree to the list, nonetheless I take a look to see what I like and what I don’t. This year, the prediction was that gray would rule as one of the favorite color for its ability to provide relief from the garish bright hues.


Natural tones of green, brown and earth colors are believed to be in vogue this year. In the opinion of experts, more and more kitchens will be seen in green colors with bamboo counter tops and floors made of cork. A subtle presence of flashy reds, greens and blues will also be significant.


Colors for the right feel


Yellow is a color which can add ambiance to a dim looking room. Better Homes and Gardens suggest that buttery yellow color along with distressed effects are a characteristic of Tuscan themed kitchens. Blue is another color which can bring out the contrast of your cabinets and its surroundings.


The colors in the kitchen should be in congruity with your home which will ensure a sooth transition from one part of the house to another.  As an instance, if your entire house is built with an country style in mind, then your kitchen cabinets should also be stained to bring out the wood grains and make it look bucolic. One easy to get an idea of color options is to look at the pictures found in magazines and on the Internet.

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