Custom Cabinets— The Budget Perspective

Recently I came across an article at  HGTV where the author inquired after the choice of readers regarding costly custom cabinets and the cheap stock versions. The answers and reviews were quite interesting and one fact which was reinforced was the importance of budget in preparing for a new cabinetry or refacing the old ones. Cabinets occupy the lion’s share of the renovation budget and as such the need to consider all pros and cons are very important. Then there is the option of semi-custom cabinets which are id way between the two budgetary extremes. Choosing the right one is entirely your decision.


Custom cabinets are made of the best materials available, having said that there are several varieties which can make a huge difference in terms of price and quality. No matter how much you consider or generalize, as a rule of thumb, custom cabinets are costlier than stock or semi-custom ones.


Refacing Old Cabinets


One significant factor in case of custom, stock and semi-custom cabinets is the door. If these are in good shape then a refacing job will be enough to put the shine back on the cabinets. Veneers are available in classic, hybrid and modern styles. This is a smart alternative to buying new kitchens without spending even a fraction of what is needed for it.


Are your cabinets dented or bent? Do not worry, you can sand paper the surface a bit after a layer of putty and repaint them to look like new. Little thing such as changing the wall colors, tiles or the floors can make the necessary change. There is no need to feel constrained by your budgetary limits.

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