Things to Know About Under-Cabinet Lightings

We have seen cases when homeowners have installed new counter tops  only to find that the place has become poorly illuminated. Obstructing the light sources will not only cause problems during the course of preparing food, but also make it harder to clean the area. This is the reason why we insist on you to plan for the illumination if  you have plans for refacing or buying new counter tops for your kitchen. If you plan for lightings well ahead in time, it will help the contractors in installing wirings at the right places.


The rule of the thumb is to place lights every 25 inches to minimize dark areas, apart from this installing spot lights over workstations is also a good idea. This can draw out the charm of your cabinetry and make them look even more beautiful. Dedicated lights over the cutting board, cabinets, displays and wall hangings have also become quite popular in most houses.


Energy Efficient Under-Cabinet Lights


Lowe’s, the home improvement experts says that puck lights are a great way to augment the  ambiance of the kitchen without burning a lot  of energy. Two affordable options that are available are halogen lamps and Xenon lights. 


Purchase under cabinet lighting systems that come with step down transformer to lower the voltage to power the lights. Since the wirings will run through the kitchen cabinets, it is wise to place them during the installation process. Ask your contractor to plan for these in advance. 


We have efficient tools available for download free of cost. We can also help you decide whether it is the right time to buy a new kitchen cabinet or reface the old ones.

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