A Little Extra About Green Cabinets and Counters

Did you know that VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are in fact invisible gases which are regularly dispersed into the home environment in most American houses. The reason behind this  is the use of harmful chemical components in paints, lacquers and paint related products such as solvents. In severe cases, the amount of such harmful gases can be a hundred times higher than outside.


The presence and inhalation of VOC is the primary reason behind rashes, irritation, headaches, troubled breathing and even damage of vital organs such as the eyes or throat. This  disturbing fact has been confirmed by Environment Protection Agency (EPA). You would be surprised to know that the level of VOC rises to roughly 1000 times more inside the house.


Getting Rid of VOC using Green Counters


There are several green or rather environment friendly products which are bundled together as green products, among those here we have listed some of the easily abvalable ones which you can conveniently adopt in your houses.


Tiles are a great option, provided you use an adhesive which in low on VOC. Solid top counter tops are preferred by many because of their low VOC quotient. Be warned that top of the line products such as Terrazzo counter tops are not without the VOC hazard.


Many homeowners like using composite materials in their cabinetry. These are made by recycling products which are bonded together using resins which might be hazardous. You should insist on seeing a certificate of the manufacturer to ensure that they have adhered to health standards. 


Steps you can take to avoid VOC


The best you can do to avoid VOC is to know all about them, that way you can choose to buy products that are free of such harmful contents. Apart from adhesives, paints are also an important source of VOC. W advise you to purchase laminates which are made of recycled plastic and bound using non-formaldehyde based glues. Formaldehyde is a harmful material which should be avoided as far as possible even while purchasing butcher block counters.


Take a look around all the products within your budget and choose only those which will ensure a VOC free environment in your kitchen and the home.

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