Yet Another Trendy Concept for Kitchen Cabinets in 2011

The truth about  designs and trends is that they can be confusing at times. If you have gotten your head overwhelmed with designs and trends, take a deep breath and read on.


Create your own style, yes, this might seem a risky thing to do but all the trends were started by people like you and me. There is no  hard and fast rule that you will have to follow designs favored by others. In Arizona, people are using Asian concepts and combining them with armoire pieces. There is no end to how you can combine elements of several designs and create a novel trend that others will want to imbibe for their kitchens. Homeowners on the east coast are using all the colors they can get on their hands and painting their cabinets in yellow, black, green or whatever suits their fancy! The writing on the stone is ‘create your own trend’.


Extreme Fashioned Kitchen Cabinets


The kitchen cabinets with distressed effects are also selling like hot cake, this fact has been confirmed by reputed cabinet company Hangzhou Huierbang Kitchen Company. However HGTV warns against the purchase of heavily distressed products. They predict the rule of Tuscany or painted finished products.


Patterns in molding, door panels as well as drawers will be carved in the European style and suspended heavy hardware with vibrant colors are going to be popular. People may warn you against experimenting with exotic colors, but you can always row against the tide and listen to your heart.


 For those of you who love antique looks for the kitchen décor, there are several options choose from. Antique cabinetry comes at a premium and exotic woods like Mahogany, Alder and Maple will definitely stretch your pocket. Choosing from environment friendly categories will also be widely seen in the days to come.


We expect to see dazzling reds and other disparate colors. One thing which we would love to you all against is losing control over your creative streak. Do not overdo the kitchen décor, everything should harmonize with each other.

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