Things to be wary about Fixing Your Own Unfinished Cabinet

To get a flexible and versatile design option most home owners prefer unfinished kitchen cabinets. These are also good if you do not want to engage professional service for fixing kitchen cabinets. The only thing that needs to be taken care of are the primers and stains which you might want to add. Another great advantage of unfinished cabinets is the wide choice of colors that you will find at your disposal which can easily accompany the looks and the color schemes of your kitchen. Even the collection at Lowes is worth gazing for an hour.


We have been receiving requests from our readers who are eager and unexperienced in the field of installing unfinished kitchen cabinets. Hence, here we have detailed the steps which we think will go a long way in smoothening the experience of installing cabinets.


Step 1- Hanging the cabinets and aligning them


Before we proceed with the steps, let us clarify that you need to take proper measurements before you buy any cabinetry. Even after purchasing cabinets the saga of taking measurements does not end. Take a pencil and mark the location on the walls using a plumb line demarcating the top and the end of the edges. Ensure that you have enough space between the counter top and the cabinets.


A stud finder can be used to position the spots for the studs 16 inches apart using a pencil. The top of the cabinet should be attached to these stud points, but before doing that it is advisable to assemble the cabinets on the floor.


Step 2 – Painting the cabinets


It is not as simple as it looks, over-staining the cabinets will impart a dark look to the cabinetry, unless you want that, extra stains are not at all helpful. Th best way to stain the cabinets or paint them is to test the color on the interiors. If every thing seems fine, proceed with the rest and you will get a superior result. Try to redo or retouch uneven spots will create a plethora of ugly looking smudges.


If you prefer a ready reckoner at your side, consider Reliable Remodeler which has several important things laid out in plain language. Make sure that you do not drip paint on the floors. You can place an old rug or plastic covers on the counter top to protect them.


The order of these steps can be interchanged to suit your requirements.


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