Swanky Accessories for Your Kitchen Storage

No matter how much our kitchen cabinets are optimized for storage we always seem to run out of space subsequently, this is not totally unheard of and we have been receiving requests from our readers to list out a few accessories which can essentially transfor the look so your kitchen as well as add some order to your kitchen


Space Organizer


Kitchen mate manufactured by Omega National is one of the top of the line products to organize and add storage space to your kitchen. The base pull out unit is 3 inches. These can easily be accommodated between existing cabinetry. Sliding, adjustable shelves along with durable ball-bearing fittings make these perfect for daily use. You may want to add a lacquer finish to the maple or plywood structure.


Spice Organizer


If you love spices and have a dozen of jars or bottles containing your favorite condiments then we advise you to get on of these. There is enough space for even 60 containers of spice and can be placed anywhere within the three tiered drawers on hinges which makes them easy to flip in and out. Available in 11X11X8 inches, these plastic organizers are color coded so you do not lose track of your spices.


Wall Organizer


To add more storage near your work space, buy a wall organizer preferably from Ballard Designs.  These slender beauties are crafted from handcrafted iron and coated with protective layer of powder to resist moisture. These go along perfectly with your Italian or Tuscan themed kitchen. As far as the dimensions are concerned, these are 9 inches deep, 25 inches wide and 29 ¼ inches tall.


Cabinet Organizer


Closet Maid is famed for designing efficient cabinet organizers to store your snacks, sauces and spices. You can even store your utensils and hide them conveniently with these. The popular size of cabinet organizers is 20 inches deep, 4.62 inches tall and 11.06 inches wide.



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