Kitchen Cabinet Trends of the Future

Kitchen cabinets are meant to be your friend in need, there is practically no need to constraint your wishes while buying these. As the year 2011 proceeds, we have noticed that being green or environment conscious has remained popular as a matter of choice since last year. Apart from that, home owners are concerned about keeping their cabinetry well organized and compact. Gone are the days when kitchens had big, wide dislocated jumbles of cutlery and crockery spread all over the place making you look hard for each plate and spoon!



The rising demand for stack-able and expandable pedestal cabinets with  ground clearance of more than 42 inches is palpable and underlines the fact that home owners want more for less, which is not surprising at all if we consider the skyrocketing price of things. These stack-able pedestal cabinets are ideal for segregating and storing items according to their daily use. As an illustration, you may choose to keep your casseroles and tureens in the top shelf and vegetable chopper along with these. Lower below the china and cutlery can be safely accommodated.


Significance of furniture-grade wood in the future


As you might have already guessed, furniture grade cabinetry are not for the weak of the exchequer. Pull down shelves and roll away waste cans have to meet high expectations of customers regarding durability and usability. These are viable and  make sense in terms of return on investment.


These materials are highly effective for refacing purposes. Green materials such as wheat-boards and bamboo are taking over the cabinet refacing market and getting rave reviews about its potential to change the entire décor of your kitchen.


Exotic woods such as Canadian birch, chestnut wood with knotted appearance. To set your kitchen stand apart from the rest you can choose classic white oak, the grains and patterns are conducive a lighter ambiance which has become the latest fad replacing the heavily distressed look that was in vogue until a few years ago.

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