The Future of Kitchen Cabinets

As we inch closer towards the end of the year, retrospection into the trends of the bygone time is imminent. This is not an attempt to adumbrate what home owners will eventually adopt, rather a chronicle of the developments and improvements which we have seen in the recent past. Having said that, choices regarding home décor are vastly unpredictable and vary from one home to another.



Colors in monotones and accumulation of several colors are going to rule the roost in the future. This is what the experts in kitchen and home decoration have envisioned. A somber and unique bravura of earthy and cardinal colors are expected to overshadow everything else. A boldness in the accents is about to change the looks of kitchen cabinets. Popular columnist Melissa Bullard says that earth toned wooden cabinets are going to be in demand which will enrich the counter tops and floors. She suggests cabinetry which is trendy, cool and are straightforward to assemble.


The dominion of primary and soft hues


The Orlando Sentinel published an article by leading home decoration expert Jean Patteson in which the use of bright accents have been advocated on a uniform and calm base color. However, the article warns against the overuse of this style.


If the trends of the past make a lasting impact then the earthy tones can also be expected to find acceptance in houses which require a calm and soothing environment of an open landscape. Do not be surprised if you find the continuity of these colors into the kitchen walls.


Furniture-grade cabinets made of quality wood will not lose its market share, with cherry and maple being the top sellers.  As far as drawers are concerned, nothing has a better chance of being in vogue than under-mounted and pull out shelves. Semi-costly materials as well as top dollar cabinet fittings will continue to be in demand.



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