How good is Rigid Thermofoil Laminate?

Stopping just short of endorsing, we will say that we can vouch for the qualities of Thermofoil Laminate. However we have always wanted you all to take your time and delve deeper into the guts of everything we say. We do recommend you to consider thermofoil laminate for the purpose of cabinet refacing.


The best way to appraise the advantages is to make an unbiased comparison of the cost, maintenance issues and durability of vinyl, wood and Thermofoil Laminate. Consider how these products can make your cabinets adroit and unyielding to the denouement of everyday activities and effects of heat and moisture. 


Cost Factor


Understandably, we all are concerned about the ramifications of cost on the selection of a particular material. Hence, let us put in plain words that plastic laminates and RTF (rigid Thermofoil Laminates) are much more cost effective and can be made to look like expensive granite, wood or marble. Wood veneer can pinch your pocket, but is worth the looks.


RTF vis-a-vis Wood


Wood is at least 25 % costlier than other popular alternatives, having said that the aesthetics of wooden veneer can redefine the looks of the entire kitchen. Prices vary according to the variety of wood and you should take your time to select one that suits your estimates.


Strikingly crafted veneer products is the forte of some manufacturers, they specialize in burled, knotted and textured patterns which will definitely add to the expenses, but these are worth the investment. The basic versions are sandwiched particle boards with a black or white facade. These are available in hard as well as soft wood, the surfaces of which can be slip-matched, arbitrary or symmetrical.



On the other hand, RTFs are molded under pressure which is perfect for classical as well as modern kitchen designs. You will never run out of style options with RTF. The advantages of RTF can be enumerated as follows:


  1. Cleaning is hassle free and simple
  2. Does not rot, shrink or warp due to moisture


However, RTF is vulnerable to heat.


At the end of the day, we all want to have the perfect amalgamation of style, usability as well as the ease of maintenance, the most determining factor of all these is the cost.

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