The Role of Putty in Kitchen Cabinets

If you have ever painted your kitchen cabinet in the past you will appreciate the significance of fillers in making the paint job look perfect. Prior to painting, you must clean off the oil deposits and scrape off the old paint using coarse sand paper and finally polish it with medium grained sand paper. Do not ignore any of the surfaces and be painstaking in ensuring that all the parts of the cabinet such as drawers, doors and exposed parts are taken care of.


It is only natural to find structural defects in woods. A costly way of taking care of dents and bents is using a hot iron and a moist cloth to raise the surface. The cheaper alternative is to find a good grade filler at your nearest home development store. We recommend the use of good quality wood putty before applying oil based primer.


The choice of patching materials


There are two popular options regarding putty. A latex based version of the filler is available in the market, but the downside to using this is maintaining it. On the other hand, water based products are much better. Before trying to patch the wood surface ensures that it is moist, otherwise the quality of the finish will be subpar. If you despise wastage, try applying one layer on top of the other. You will have to make the patch a little bit higher than the surface so that you can sand paper the surface properly.


If you want a model to help you with the work, try to borrow a drawer from a store. Fretting over the details might seem tiresome at the outset but these pay off at the end.

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