Distressed Wood Cabinets for the Kitchen

The word ‘distressed’ is obviously too disheartening, but do not let the name misguide you regarding the timeless beauty only these can provide. This special look of distressed wood is what many home owners hanker for. The antique looks of these cabinets can complement the classical Italian or Western décor the kitchen. The beauty of these can be easily imitated without paying even a fraction of the fortune that you might presume it to cost.


There is a subtle borderline which separates beautiful and timeless beauty from being cheap or substandard. Judiciously select paints, varnishes and pastes which can transform your kitchen into a masterpiece, scraping, brushing and sand finishing are vital in imparting the perfect distressed look to your cabinets.


The process of distressing kitchen cabinets


According to eh basics of creating distressed look in furniture, you will have to proceed in steps. The first step is to apply the surface color and after that comes the base tint. You may want to add additional layers to the base tint, however make sure that you let each layer dry before applying the surface color, this way the distressed look will shine through.


Once all these are done, you can proceed to add the marks and stains that add to the beauty of the cabinetry and make it truly classical. If you want to embark on the mission without any professional help, you will need sand papers, wire brush, a mallet or a wood file. While filing the area make sure that you do not scrape off the base paint. The essence of distressed painting is doing it sparingly in small and selected areas.


Use a padlock or small chains to put in the chipped look in some surfaces to give the Tuscan cabinet effect. Before starting the painting process ensure that you have cleaned off the surface well. Distressed cabinets are not about plain surfaces, what matters the most are the stains and dents.

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