New Counter tops in Your Kitchen

Most of the times we recommend our clients to prioritize counter tops and cabinets while restructuring kitchens or building a new one. However, if you had counter tops at the bottom of your priority list, then there is nothing to worry about. There are a few things that we would like to mention, which we think will make the process of adding a new counter top much easier.


Counter tops generally require an experienced contractor to be set in place. You will get the most out of a contractor’s service by cooperating and coordinating with his schemes and designs.  Provide your contractor a comprehensive bureau of the measurements and ask for an estimate. Before you seek professional advice make sure that you have correctly recorded all the dimensions from one corner to the other, inclusive of the attachments. Do not undermine the importance of meticulous measurements, but this guide should help you with the measurements.



How to accurately measure counter tops


The least error prone method of measuring kitchens is using graph papers or charting software. The basic equipments that you can keep handy while charting your kitchen are measuring tapes and pencils. Do not miss out sinks, appliances or any other segments which may have an impact on the overall dimensions of the work space, deduct the total of these obstructions from the end-to-end area of the kitchen.


Do not forget to take into account the backsplash and edges of the counter top. Be warned that failing to do so properly will incur extra cost. To accurately measure the right-angled edges, start from the meeting point of each surface until the walls and add them all together. To ensure that you have not miscalculated, measure everything twice. Once every thing has been accounted for, seek the help of a home improvement store representative to estimate the total costs inclusive of materials and labor charge.

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