Beautifying Your Small Kitchen

Do not let the small size of your kitchen tie you down. Let your imagination run free and you will discover that your small kitchen can indeed give you more joy than bigger kitchens in big houses.  The National Kitchen and Bathroom Association regard a kitchen below the 150 square feet mark to be small. However, that should not have any impact on the way you decide to beautify your kitchen. There are hordes of options with counter tops, shelves, appliances and other things of superficial embellishment such as paints, tiles, lights to name a few.



A sure shot way of making a small kitchen look larger than reality is to let a lot of natural light flow in. during the dark hours artificial lighting should be adequate to shine up the tiny place to make it look spacious. A glossy layer of bright paint can also have a lot towards this end. If you choose to buy wider counter tops, ensure that you have placed the lights switches wisely within reach so that you do not have to twist and turn or crouch to flip the switches on or off. Our advice regarding this is to place the light control along with all the other electrical controls somewhere overhead, within your reach.



Taking Care of Sinks, Storage and Space


We will start with the storage space issue. While selecting cabinets, always make sure that you have enough space to store items of regular use within your arm’s distance as well as stash away the rarely used utensils on the top where it will not come in the way of your regular activities.


Kitchen sink are an integral part of the kitchen ensemble, you will need these no matter what the size of your kitchen is. Since you have to make do with a small area, find a sink that is small and has at least two faucets to take care of all you washing needs.  However, if you think that a larger sink can be comfortably placed get one of those that will relieve you from the pangs of cramped space.


As far optimizing space is concerned, we think that a combined kitchen cum dining area will solve the problems of a small house quite a lot. In case you have a separate serving area and cooking area, you join them together by creating a pass-through between the two. However, that is entirely upon you to decide.


We hope these tips will redefine your kitchen and make your life lot easier even with a small kitchen.


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