Kitchen Cabinets — Right Wood or Wrong Wood?

You might be wondering what wrong wood is, but never worry, there is no wrong wood there is only a wrong decision which you might make unless you read everything that is about to follow.



In an exhaustive survey conducted by Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine (K+BB), it was deduced that Maple is the most used wood for constructing kitchen cabinets with a share of 42 % and cherry standing second at 21 %.


There are many more options of wood that you might want to choose from regardless of what the surveys are predicting. We will present here a short list of all these wonderful options ranging from the dark woods for a premium look as well as light toned ones for an ambient aura.



Maple: What makes Maple the topper is its durability and endurance to withstand the harsh kitchen environment. These take on stains quite gracefully and are not very costly.


Oak: The traditional choice of American kitchens. Liked for its tenacity against elements of nature, Oak has become synonymous with kitchen cabinets across Europe and America. The grains and natural patterns of the wood can be enhanced with stains to make it look even prettier.


Cherry: Another popular choice when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Cabinets made of these are usually available in rusty red or brown shades. The grains of the wood are regular and constant which makes them the favourite among cabinet makers too.


Pine: An economical choice if you have a rustic kitchen. The wood has a perceptible grain pattern and a light tone. Knots in the wood make it a perfect companion for tiled walls and bright contrasting counter tops. If you have a modern kitchen, you might want to look at the other options.


Birch: Good for facings and inexpensive stock cabinets, birch wood is not a great choice unless saving money is your top most priority. Birch is horrible with repainting or staining endeavours.



Hickory: Chosen for its hardness and linear grains, hickory is really a good option for kitchen cabinets. It is perfect for kitchens with rustic or traditional themes.


Now that you have been reminded of all the options at your disposal, we believe you will find the right wood for your kitchen cabinets.

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