Let’s Choose the Best Counter Top

Counter tops enhance the functionality, work space and overall looks of the kitchen, when all these are enhanced there will be a proportionate rise in the value of the kitchen as well. If you have not already made the necessary change, you should do so now with us beside you.


Counter tops come in quite a few colours and they can be bought in any size or shape you want to. You can install these during renovation or remodelling to lend a custom look to your kitchen and have some style flowing in your kitchen décor. We will now talk about the options that you will come across while choosing the right material, they are in fact chock and block and have price tags that will suit the king as well as the pauper.


Granite: Upscale kitchens strive on these; they are durable, stylish, colourful and expensive! There is no dearth of textures or natural patterns to granite counter tops. If you get one of these, you will have to reseal them. These are powerful stain magnets and will get dirty with a little ignorance.



Marble: Another one of those costly options that we like. It has all the qualities of granite except that it is a little weaker than it. However do not worry about it breaking or cracking unless you like banging your utensils like a Neanderthal! A little wiping and cleaning will keep it prime and healthy; you might also want to reseal it once in a while.


Tiles: If you want a colourful counter top get tiles. You can get these in your favourite colours and choose from literally hundreds of patterns and designs. Metallic, stone and ceramic tiles are some of the common and popular options, however there are glass tiles too. Maintenance is much lower with tiles but you will have to be gentle with heavy utensils. 


Laminate: The most inexpensive and prone to damage are laminate counter tops.  These withstand moisture quite well but heat makes them warp out of shape. Do not worry about colours or designs, they come a dime a dozen.


Wood: For those of you who like white elephants, this is the perfect choice. If you make sparing use of your counter top or have a dedicated care taker to baby-sit your counter top, buy these. These are premium counter tops and will make your neighbours go green with envy!


Concrete: These will cost you slightly more than you might imagine, having said that, concrete counter tops are easily maintained and are available in many colours and textures. Take a little care about heavy appliances and these will last a lifetime.

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