Complimentary Handles for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Did any one of us ever imagine that handles could be so important that without these the kitchen looks incomplete? We have people coming to us for advice regarding kitchen upgrades and we always advice them on getting new handles for their cabinets without fail. These complete the purpose of kitchen cabinets; a cabinet without proper handles is like an aeroplane without wings!


Now the task gets uphill from here on. Just picking anything for as little money will never do. You have to earmark a part of your budget and pick the best in terms of material, price build quality and looks. Normally, you would choose something to match the colour of your cabinets. If you have white or black cabinets, be sure to pick handles that are of highest quality because they will stand out conspicuously against the background.


Just drive to the local hardware store and you will have a plethora of options in size, shapes, colours and materials. I got confused with gold painted ones and brass handles which had a brushed finish. You also have options of wood, plastic and nickel handles in curved or rounded shapes. You can get those metallic ones for 6 dollars or the plastic ones which are available at around $3 a piece.


I got one piece of every style and finish and brought them over to my kitchen to actually see which one looked best on my cabinets. These do not cost like Ferraris so get a few to get the feel, once you decide the best among all, buy as many as you like.



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