Are Counter Edges Making You Edgy?

Recently, I found myself in the predicament of choosing the best and budget friendly counter top edge for my newly upgraded counter top. I have white cabinets so I decided to go with dark granite counter top to bring out the beautiful contrast. You must have something equally pretty or even better, but are you stuck just like I was, trying to decide which counter top edge will be the best for the looks? Let me help you out.


Most of us are bound by strict budgetary limits and we have to make the best out of it that was true in my case as well. I found out that Bullnosed and straight edges were the two most financially viable options for me, which would also compliment the beauty of my counter top.


If you have classic or modern kitchen cabinets and a matching counter top to go with it, then you do not need to look further than bullnosed edges. These are round and smooth, good for granite counter tops, just like the one in my kitchen. However, be warned that the labour cost of crafting these will raise the price tag!


Straight edges are for those of you who want to save on the labour expenses and prefer clean lines to smooth curves. The harmony of these with granite counter tops of modern kitchens is worth appreciating and people are opting for these for their relatively lower costs.


For me, bullnosed edges did the trick. It might be different for you depending on which one suits your tastes. Take a look at both of these before you settle on any.

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