The Oriental Science of Interior Designing in Your Kitchen

Most of us have heard about Feng Shui and know what it is, Feng Shui is a way of organizing things inside a kitchen or a house for that matter in a way that harmonizes with its surrounding. People believe in its power to bring peace and prosperity and hence this is the perfect science to apply to the heart of the house, the kitchen.


None of us want to rummage through a lot of stuff to find our way to what we need. Kitchen cabinets need to be kept organized and uncluttered, Feng Shui ensures that. The manner in which cabinets are organized determine how we function in our kitchens.


Cutting equipments need to be placed in order and kept clean to avoid health hazards. Unused utensils should be dried and placed deeper into cabinets where they will be safe until you need them again. Take out some time every once in a while and clean all the cabinets thoroughly.


Feng Shui should start at the kitchen because this is the single best place where you can start the good things in your life, it is after all the heart of the kitchen and we need to do all to keep it healthy and beautiful, even if that means following ancient oriental sciences!

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