Options in Glassed Kitchen Cabinets

If you are planning to get glass front kitchen cabinets for your kitchen there are several varieties that are available, here we will list some of the most common and popular forms.


  1. Plain Glass: These are best if you want to show off all the pretty crockery and cutlery at your possession. There will be no designs or patterns on these type of glass doors and thus they will provide an unobstructed view of any thing you want to put on display.


  1. Bevelled Glass: These look like little prisms have been carved onto them. These are usually polished and are not as transparent as the previous one.


  1. Camed Glass: Have you seen glass panes with copper or brass inserts in them, these are camed glass. The unique look of these glass panes make them very popular in kitchens.


  1. Bubbled Glass: You must have seen these in old kitchens, they look like tiny air bubbles are blown into the structure of the panes. As you can imagine these look fabulous and are sturdier than regular plain glass.


  1. Frosted Glass: Glass makers use fine grained sand particles to make these panes which are hardly transparent yet let light pass through them to some extent.


  1. Etched Glass: Chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid is used to design intricate patterns on glass. These are available in different themes and you can choose one to your liking.


  1. Mullion Glass: The only difference between these and camed glass is the material embedded in the glass, camed glass have metals, mullion glass has wood.


  1. Textured Glass: As their names suggest, these are available in myriads of options to pick from.


  1. Stained Glass: The last but not the least, stained glass are also very beautiful and can be a perfect match for your kitchen cabinets. You can have these in any colour of your choice.

Investing in kitchens is a long term issue and needs to be handled after a lot of planning and research, it is advisable to take necessary measure to ensure that every single component is the best that money can buy.

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