A Slice of France in Your Kitchen

A typical French kitchen has long wooden tables, ladder backed kitchen chairs and floral patters on the mats and other kitchen drapery. More often than not a french kitchen serves as a gathering place for all the family and friends to enjoy their food together over a nice conversation. Depending upon the number of members in the family, a kitchen can be large or small, it is impractical to build a huge kitchen for a family of five or six people, hence the size has to accommodate every body without being wasteful.

The French are particular about the looks of their kitchen and prefer earthy colours such as brown, gold, green, bright yellow and cerulean blue. These colours induce a rustic warmth and give the impression of spaciousness to the interiors. The walls are ususlayy yellow to reflect off light and create ambience while terra cotta tiles adron the floors. Slates and other natural materials are also used to accentuate the laid back aesthetics of the kitchen. Tiles can either be plain or painted in beautiful murals and scenes of the Souther French rustic life.



Commonly used wood for French kitchen cabinets are pine, cherry and walnut. These are usually very simple and emphasize on the overall feeling of hospitality and warmth. All this along with the importance of lighting makes a French kitchen cabinet a visual delight.


However, speaking of the storage space of a French kitchen, you won’t get much. Traditionally the French keep their kitchen ware hanging by the walls, however to make these more practical you can choose those with adequate storage room or order custom made ones.

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