Choosing Designs of Kitchen Cabinets

The only purpose of kitchen cabinets is not to cook and store food, kitchen cabinets can look elegant and be an integral part of the house décor. These cabinets can add a lot of value and charisma to the totality of the house but it is dependant on your choice of material and design of construction. Most of us fail to select the right kitchen cabinet, it is not that hard actually provided you know what to look for. Kitchen cabinets are available in


  1. Stock
  2. Custom
  3. Semi – Custom


The cheapest and most hassle free of all these is the Stock version. These come ready to assemble and any one with a little knowledge of hammers and screwdrivers can set these to place. One small downside to these cabinets is that they are not available in varities of colours, sizes or looks to choose from. Custom cabinets are at the other end of the spectrum, they are pricey, they look fabulous and they can be tailored to suit individual demands of size, theme and colour. Attaching bells and whistles to these  will augment the looks as well as the price of custom cabinetry.  Apart from the price factor, the time of delivery time of these cabinets may be a dampener. Semi custom cabinets are good if you want the custom-ability of fully custom cabinets and low prices too.


Coming to the material of construction, cabinets are made of solid wood, particle boards and plywood. Cherry, Maple and Birch are used for high grade kitchen cabinets and as you must have already assumed they will be a bit costly too. Poplar and alder are better options if you want to save money on the material, a nice finish of glaze will impart a royal look. Hickory and Oak are perfect if you anticipate much wear and tear in your kitchen, these wood are tenacious and will not take scratches as easily as pine. Having said that, pine is best for carving, these make good rustic kitchen cabinets.

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