Country Themed Cabinets for the Extraordinary Look



Solid natural wood is to country styled cabinets as is the queen to the palace! May be that was a bit theatrical but we could not invent a better analogy to signify the role of natural, unfinished wood in country kitchen cabinets, these impart the sweet and cosy feel of a home.

Hickory, pine, oak are used for constructing such cabinets for their receptivity to stains, finishes and polishes. If the material is anything other than wood then they are not worthy of being called country cabinets. Always avoid synthetic material because they cannot imitate the beauty of natural wood.

Country kitchen cabinets are loved because they evoke a bucolic charm in the house, these can be complimented with vintage furniture and accessories. The deliberate chipping or scratching found on such cabinets give a real look to the ensemble.

Cabinet hardware such as knobs, hinges and handles also enhances the beauty and makes the kitchen cabinets long lasting and durable. Country cabinets are so versatile and yet so simple.

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