Nothing Sturdier and Simpler Than Slab Panel Cabinets

Now if somebody mentions ‘slab’ to you, the first image that strikes our imagination is of a large chunk of concrete forming the base of our houses! You not to blame for this, however, as you might already be aware of, slab is also fits squarely for the description of a cabinet door panel. These doors are flat and are available for every type of kitchen cabinet.


Do not jumble the designs of flat panels with slab panels, slab ones are simple unlike flat panels which are veneered at the centre and have a thickness of ¼ of inch. Look for slab panels which have applied edges, these are more durable, never forget to check the edges when you are buying a slab cabinet panel.


Do not expect to see any patterns or designs on slab panels, these are meant to be simple and sturdy so when you buy some, make sure you get what you pay for.

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