Which is better — Stock Cabinets or Custom Cabinets?

Sometimes due to continued neglect kitchen cabinets go past the stage when they are repairable. If your kitchen cabinet is past its prime then there is no other way but to replace them entirely for a new one. Now that brings you to an interesting dilemma, which type of cabinet is right for you –- stock ones or custom made ones. Well, before you start choosing, you might want to read this.



As their names suggest, custom kitchen cabinets are made to order, following strict instructions on design and size, which may differ from one customer to another. With these you get whatever you feel like having for your kitchen. Any specification about material, design, accessory and finish, you get everything to choose for yourself. However, you must understand that these are going to cost you a dear penny, but every one is worth its value.



Stock cabinets, on the other hand can be bought off the pegs, ready made to some regular standards and a few options of colour, finish, design and size to choose from. These are also available in high quality solid wood. Durable hardware and accessories have alos started becoming standard fittings. But as we already warned, be prepared to spend some more than you would have with stock kitchen cabinets.


At any time you can choose to get rid of your old kitchen cabinet, but what decides the fate of the kitchen is your budgetary limits.

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